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Lycheekey's Previously Completed Works

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    About Original Comic Dubbing (UNPAID)

    Hello, my name is LycheeKey and I am an original comic creator with a degree in Cartoon and Comic Arts (BA Hons). I am currently working on a comic called ‘Toil with Trouble’ which is a comic about Witches and their first Familiars. The links to the comic are as followed:  






     I recently was suggested to turn the comic into a comic dub for YouTube, and I was holding auditions with people I met on Discord and then was suggested to post it here on casting club.

    Underneath is a dropbox link to profiles of the characters stating who the characters are, what they might sound like and bits of their personality and lines to say. Some don't have voice references or voice descriptions, and some characters have already been cast. I have an idea for what they might sound like, but I’m perfectly happy to hear a voice that is nothing like I have described, or multiple voices for the characters. The goal is to get enough voices to at least voice the first chapter. Then I shall turn it into a motion comic/comic dub video. 

    The following characters are needed for chapter one: 

     *Kimmy Harper (Main character)

    *Nina Miller 

    *Scarlet Grimassi 

    *Serafina Bobinski 

    With those voices, I can do the first chapter. You are welcome to try out for the other characters but they won't appear till chapter two or even three. If this becomes a regular thing, you will be required to record lines from the comic every couple of months or so (once a chapter is fully posted online) If you are cast, you will also be required to join the Discord server for recording session (Which I will give you a link for)If you have any questions, or wish to audition, my email is [redacted]. 

    Work will be unpaid to begin with, but if the comic gets popular enough to create a budget, then work might become paid. If you are unavailable to do a voice after getting a part, please contact me. If you cannot be contacted when you are needed to voice someone, then the spot will be filled. Although I will hold the rights to use the voice as I wish, all clips and videos can be used for portfolio work. More characters will be created the longer the comic runs.

    I can’t wait to hear anything anyone has to show me!


    About the Creator: lycheekey

    Comic book artist. Not a voice actor themselves.

    You can read my comic 'Toil with Trouble' at the following links-



    FA (NSFW version)


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold