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Nymphonia's Previously Completed Works

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    About Nymphonia [JP Love Live! Chorus Group]

    Hello and welcome to the auditions for Nymphonia, a brand new Love Live! Chorus group. The group will be singing in Japanese to start thought we will consider branching out into doing English covers as well depending on how things go.

    We aim to cover songs from both Muse and AQOURS going in order of release with some adjustments (eg. spreading out subunit songs so they’re not all clumped together). There will also be opportunities for the Muse group to cover AQOURS songs and vice versa.

    Positions are currently open for vocalists (both Muse and AQOURS), mixers, animators and artists. If you’re interested in auditioning please keep reading below!

    -Ame and ♠Angel♠ (Admins) ______________________________________________________________ Audition Instructions:

    To audition for Nymphonia as a vocalist you will be required to sing the first verse and chorus of the songs listed below depending on which members you wish to try out for. Auditions must be raw, unmixed and acapella (no backing track) for the purpose of hearing how you really sound, and for blend tests between possible member candidates.
    Muse required song: Datte Datte Aa Mujou
    AQOURS required song: Daydream Warrior

    These songs have been chosen for specific reasons, and we ask that you do not question why these particular songs are the ones you are required to sing for auditions.

    Feel free to add other examples of your character impressions if you wish. This is optional!

    To audition for Nymphonia as a mixer you will need at least 2 examples of your mixing. At least 1 of these examples needs to be a group mix containing 3 or more vocalists (preferably 9 or more). Ideally, you should showcase at least 2 different styles of mix as well (eg. a ballad and a pop song).

    To audition for Nymphonia as an Animator you will need to provide 2 or more examples of your animation, preferably of a chorus group.
    The first example should be your most recent animation and the second and optional other examples should be one that you are most proud of and show off your skills between different types of songs.

    To Audition for Nymphonia as an artist you will need to provide at least 3 full body examples of your art. 1 of these must be a completed sketch, 1 a completed line art, and 1 a completed artwork (fully coloured and shaded)
    You can be specialised to an area (eg. sketch or line) and if that is the case you will be required to show 2 or more examples from that area.
    Using someone else's art to showcase your own specialised skill ( eg. lining another artist's sketch to show off your linework) is NOT ALLOWED
    ______________________________________________________________ Rules:

    ~Bullying will not be tolerated either during or after the audition & casting phases.

    ~ you must have a discord and be active on it if you are cast. You don’t need to join every conversation, but this is how the group will communicate so you will need to be up to date at the very least

    ~You need to be able to stick to deadlines if you are cast. We dont want to be waiting 3 extra weeks for a vocal track without good reason.
    ~you should have decent software and equipment.
    ~for vocalists, little to no background noise should be in your recordings -There is a maximum of 1 vocal role per group per vocalist. eg. you can be 1 character from muse and 1 from AQOURS but no more. -You may audition for as few or as many characters as you like, but please note, we may place you as a character you did not specifically audition for if we think your voice suits them better.
    ~for mixers, you need to be able to do more than just time
    ~for animators, the software you use cannot have watermarks


    If you would like more information please check out our audition doc. You can either audition here on CCC or through the forms on the doc, however, if you are auditioning for staff roles, you must audition through the form. Best of luck in your auditions and we look forward to hearing what you've got! -Ame and ♠Angel♠

    About the Creator: Nymphonia

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