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Video Editing 101
Our video editing course is here! Whether you want to improve hobby videos on Youtube or take the first step towards becoming a documentary filmmaker, this course will set you up with the knowledge and technical skills to continue exploring.

Witchmeru's Previously Completed Works

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    About Nostale Movie series

    We are receiving LOTS of auditions for the project, so happy for this! so we are going to shorten the deadline a bit 

    The Nostale Movie series is an ongoing series of movies based on a video game called "Nostale" but the series itself spawned in 2002! when the first movie was released. 

    The first 2 movies are being re-created. this is a BIG project! but an excellent way to get some voice acting under you, some experience, and to also spend time and have fun!

    Please, unless you are seriouse about voice acting, please do not audition! the 4th movie script in a LIVE read through took us 4 hours, we did have to stop here and there for small breaks but it wasnt anything substantial  

    To give a basic short version of the story. 

    in the first movie you meet 3 friends
    (Lee, a male swordsmen, Kemo, a female mage and Zero a male archer) who are on an adventure in their favorite online game! one day when they log on, they realize they can't log off like normal, termoil strikes as the monsters in the game become more powerful with the added power of what became known as "death drops" 

    as the 3 adventure through the world their resources run low and they seem to be on the verge of death with little to nothing. as Lee lay there dying he has one last thing to say to kemo but the movie cuts out. -cliffhangerd- 

    In the second movie...
    We join Kemo as she tries to speak to lee to get him to snap back into reality, unfortunately lee is no longer present it seems and some sort of mega virus has infected him, Kemo is pulled away from Lee by DarkSapphire a girl who shortly becomes friends with Kemo after rescuing her, Lee doesnt notice the girls getting away as he is busy destroying the land and suffering through a self inner battle, Through DarkSapphire kemo meets Kaine, a strong willed mage who falls in love with Kemo, Hitaro a Male archer who is with DarkSapphire and also happends to be a game-moderator, Nick, a General Sgt on in the nosworld he is cruel and viscious and never seems to age, but is friends with Kaine. 

    after some time of being around eachother Kemo and Kaine fall in love and become very close, things seem happy with her traveling with DarkSapphire, Hitaro and Kaine, along with them training to become more strong, they do their best to find the virus core and put a stop to its evil raine, Kemo at some point wanders into a temple on her own and finds a tablet, she touches the tablet and it appears as though nothing happends. 

    One day Kemo and Kaine are sitting in their Noshome and Hitaro comes in to break the bad news that the virus infection on Lee has started demanding things, such as all gm's and administrators of the game being removed! and he wants kemo back in his possession. 

    Kaine refuses to give kemo to him but Lee's virus mentally floods Kemo's mind with uncertanty and images of her and lee together from the past, so she is forced to walk to Lee in a mezmorized haze, The moment that lee has her in his possession he tells her if he couldnt have her no one could and summons a pack of mountain wolves to come and eat her. through the wolves pushes Kaine and the others to save Kemo from Lee, Lee knocks down the others with his powers quite easilly, Kaine laying there broken summons the very last of his dark abilities virtually sacrificing his life force to give Lee one last attack, it would have dispelled the virus and made Kaine die. 

    Kemo uses a new "Eternal Holy" ability and dispells the virus from Lee, and weakens Kaines dark power control so he would not die but instead fall into a deep slumber, useing her eternal holy powers herself caused her to also go into the deep slumber, DarkSapphire and Hitaro were teleported home by some unknown phenominon and regretfully forgot directions to where Kaine and Kemo were located, Luckilly after some vigerous search efforts by them as well as Nick and his army, Nick stumbled upon them and brought them back to his personal noshome. Lee had already wandered off, confused into the darkness of a shady forest. 


    Kemo and Kaine have slept for hundreds of years withen the game and reality somehow, the world around them changed, and so did the people. Nick didnt age however still. Kemo and Kaine were fast asleep in his noshome and put in charge of them for a small pay was Sketchy a mage girl who worked under nick and seemed to be quite happy to see Kemo awake finally. when sketchy points out kaine to kemo a very dramatic moment is apparent when she realizes he is asleep. Sketchy informed of a possibility of what could have happend to Kaine. 

    Suddenly nick and another male enter the noshome fighting between eachother. When nick goes over to assess the situation the other male proceeds to speak with sketchy about gathering supplies, Nick gives orders to the other and you find out his name is Kazuki, a male archer who seems close with sketchy. He is ordered to take Kemo into town and introduce her to the new world while explaining how everything has revolutionized when kazuki tries to bring kemo into town people are pushy and loud and rude even some being mean for fun! this wasnt the world kemo was used to at all! she was used to a more peaceful time, so she runs back into the noshome terrified of the changes. 

    Kazuki realizes that introducing her to such a big group of people right away may have been too much for her to handle. after sketchy is done consoling her she calms down and becomes closer with sketchy. 

    as they start hanging out more kemo notices a swordsman that looks like lee in the group and memories of him and her are refreshed in her mind, Sketchy distracts Kemo with shopping and other activities, however it is decided that kemo be brought to see the virus when it makes a huge appearance as what it shows to be "itself" to the others as a giant black dragon, it tries to win entry into Kemo's soul in order to have protection against others but she does not give in to it, 

    Kemo summons ancient powers which she infuses into the souls of Sketchy, Kazuki and Nick, with this new power all of them feel their souls cry out with immense strength and they power up to "defeat" the virus. 

    Once the virus is cleared everyone seems happy and people can now log off. 

    in the 4th movie

    We join Lee as he makes himself aware of his surroundings slowly, his madness sends him on several walks about noswolrd forests eventually he finds his way out of the forests and to a port area nearby, he is found by kemo, Lee is brought back to the noshome and taken care of by Kemo joined by sketchy. 

    Kaine had been training vigerousely and getting visually intoxicated by his dark energy, while kazuki, kemo and sketchy try to find out who the virus is, there are many theories that Kaine is the virus, and Kemo being in love with him, defends against this, saying there must have been some logical explanation as to why Kaine was acting so strange lately. 

    Lee becoming jealous of Kaine and hurt by his discovery of his feelings for Kemo ends up challenging the Kaine isnt a virus theory. 

    over the coarse of the next few days kemo seems to go mad mentally and it drives her to be cruel and vile at times.

    When another mega virus appears Kemo is not mentally stable to fight it so she is sent away with nick to recover, while the others are holding of the mega virus all they can kemo is put to sleep by nick who now is showing a much more dark side to him. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.