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Bedomy's Previously Completed Works

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About Luna: Foxy Flavored Cookie

The project is a fan-dub of an ongoing web-comic of the same name. Due to that fact, there will be additional casting calls for new characters. The series is currently on hiatus due to the departure of actors and we need to find replacements.

The project will last until the comic’s end or until the author asks us to stop.


While trying to find a way out of the woods, a young human gets bitten by a feral animal. The bite didn't seem dangerous at first but it soon transformed him into a mythical creature known as a lycanthrope. Scared and confused the young man rushed thru the woods until he stumbled into another lycan named Pervy.

Pervy tried to help the young man but there was little he could do to prevent the transformation. The only thing he could do was help minimize the transformation's effects on the newly transformed lycan.

With his old life and memory lost, the young man, now known as Pucho, joined Pervy and the residents of Paw's Den in hopes of living a quiet and secure life; hidden away from human eyes.

WARNING: The story contains 18+ jokes, violence, suggestive scenes and mature content (politics, child abandonment, etc.).
Some roles will require singing. You don't need to be a musician for the role but it if you can sing put it together with your Demo Reel or voice lines.

The project shouldn’t take too much time from the voice cast but I will have to ask for your full dedication to the role when an episode is being produced.

I'm not sure how CCC works in terms of contact so if you can send me a message or leave a way to contact you if audition.

About the Creator: Bedomy

I'm a small YouTube content creator. I'm learning about voice acting, video and audio editing in order to grow my channel and start my own voice over/video production studio (similar to Rooster Teeth but with less drama).

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold