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Kyleenmchenry's Production Credits
About Ky's Korner Productions content creators

My name is Kyleen McHenry, I also go by Nami for my gaming streams, and I am the owner of Ky's Korner Productions.  KKP is a production company based in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It was created in April of 2019 and the youtube channel is growing more each day.  I am looking for content creators for the channel. There is a variety of shows on the channel (gaming, talk show, short films, and so on).

Looking for various roles to fill to give more variety for the channel.

  • Animators

  • Game streamers

  • Talk show hosts

  • Video editors

  • Scriptwriters

  • Music composers

Open to other roles but those are the top ones at moment. Price is negotiable (but lower is preferred, at least until we reach monetization). Please feel free to send auditions (for voice-over work), links to sites / portfolios, or a message about any experience (please include rates if you have a minimum amount).

Company Discord server


Add me on Discord   kyleen.mchenry#7548

*GAME STREAMERS ONLY* in order to be selected for streaming games, you are required to have a Facebook account so we can add you to the group chat.  We post on that whenever we stream so the others know not to at the same time.  Plus we share the stream links on the Facebook page and group at same time (plus our own personal ones if we feel like it).

*Most series / films are on IMDb, so you will also get credits for projects you are a part of.

About the Creator: kyleenmchenry

I am a business owner, actor, author, dancer, and cosplayer from Pennsylvania.  I love to create impactful stories for all ages.