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About My Little Pony: The Unexpected Future

Hi. My name is Robbie Ierubino, and I am the writer, director, and producer of this project. I am mostly a contemporary graphic artist and graphic design student at Staffordshire University in England. But, in secret, I am a big fan of a TV show initially created for families called, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For years, I have been thinking about writing a story for My Little Pony. The story was in my thoughts for a long time, but I hadn’t written anything down. And after that, I decided to do it. I planned my story to be inclusive and diverse. I want to show the kindness and kind hearts of the brony fandom worldwide and help to change the hearts of the ill-informed. My story may be another lesson of friendship, but also, it has something to do with the meaning of love, peace, and happiness through limitations. To help the audience understand its moral, I decided to add and re-brand some of the MLP features in my upcoming radio play. And it is called MY LITTLE PONY: THE UNEXPECTED FUTURE! With your help and support, we can create a radio play that everyone can learn from and enjoy!

This MLP-based radio play is about three human beings, Danny Williams, Morgan, and Molly Brunner, trapped and banished to Equestria by one of Danny’s psychology clients. And by searching for help, they learned about the incident, which has caused the separation of the Mane Six, who are the only ones who could help them escape. It is up to them to talk to the six ponies and help them reunite with each other. And after completing the mission, Danny planned to continue the therapy with his unexpected client, who banished him but with new friends.

Here are my reasons why I need a team of talented members:

  • I have completed the script for the first episode, but I feel that I want someone who can edit it for me since I might not be good with words.
  • I am looking for artists and illustrators to create imagery animatics for the radio play.
  • Every radio play always requires voice actors for performance.
  • I know that some music on YouTube can be used freely from its audio library, but I want to have a music composer for my play. I’ve been thinking about having the music performance in a retrospective, illusional, cinematic effect of drama, mystery, tragedy, and magic.
  • I want to hire an audio engineer for stabilizing the volume of the show. Plus, I’ve been thinking about having a sound designer for creating mystical sound effects to make the radio play sound “cinematic.”

I have created 4 “inspiration” lists for artists, musicians, sound designers, and script editors who volunteered to work for the radio play and in need of support. Feel free to check out the artworks, music, sound, and stories that were inspired by the radio play:

  1. ART - https://www.deviantart.com/robbieierubino/journal/The-MLP-TUF-Inspiration-List-Part-1-ART-753645411
  2. MUSIC - https://www.deviantart.com/robbieierubino/journal/The-MLP-TUF-Inspiration-List-Part-2-MUSIC-755479141
  3. SOUND - https://www.deviantart.com/robbieierubino/journal/The-MLP-TUF-Inspiration-List-Part-3-SOUND-756349162
  4. STORIES - https://www.deviantart.com/robbieierubino/journal/The-MLP-TUF-Inspiration-List-Part-4-STORIES-756602269

For doing this project, I will be doing video editing and title sequence animation by using Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, voice acting for the protagonist, Danny Willams. I’m voicing him because his character design is my and the “brony” experiences I had in the past. So I think that makes Danny kind of my MLP persona, but my voice acting may fit him.

Who is Danny Williams?

Daniel Laurence Williams is a therapist in New York City and has an unexpected patient who pushed him to Equestria, even his roommates, Morgan and Molly Brunner. Danny has a hidden secret that he doesn’t want to tell anyone, but everything will change during his quest to search for the six ponies who can help him and his friends find their way back to Earth.

For anyone outside CCC who doesn’t have an account, please message me on Twitter or note me on DeviantArt that you want to audition for the play. And after that, I will send you my Gmail address to send your voice reels and other stuff to me.

If you don’t want to audition but wish to support the radio play, I have a Patreon page for anyone who wants to support the story. If you like to become my patron, click on the link below and select a tier that fits you. ;)


Also, there is a Discord server if you are interested in watching our updates and production progress. Feel free to join in by clicking the link below.


I cannot wait to get started with a team that can help with my radio play!

About the Creator: robbieierubino

Hi! My name is Robbie Ierubino, and I am an autistic graphic artist and designer who wants to create stories. I'm using Casting Call Club to invite talented people to audition one of my projects of entertainment. I may have other talents in making music, editing videos, and writing scripts, but I can’t do other stuff without any help from others. That's why I need a crew of talented creatives, musicians, editors, writers, and producers to support my ideas and visions. I'm not always active on CCC, but with your help on my project, we can create what can be best for my stories to come to life!

If you would like to view my art and designs, feel free to click on this link below:

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