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Starlightsongs's Previously Completed Works

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    About MIRAI DASH: A Love Live Mashup! [CLOSED]

    Hi guys!

    Imagine if μ's & Aqours performed together - what would it sound like? I explore this through making a mashup called MIRAI: DASH!! Through this project together, I hope to produce an English version of said mashup with singers that sound just like μ's and Aqours!

    The way the casting call works will be split into two phases*:


    PHASE 1

    Created to get a sense of interest, the Casting Call will remain open until April 28th. During this time, potential singers potentially interested in being in a μ's / Aqours collaboration can audition to show off their voice. If your voice is exactly what I'm looking for, I will cast you right away!

    PHASE 2

    By May 14th, a video will be up of the completed mashup in Japanese, with the original Love Live! voices. In addition will be a Google form for any necessary info (such as preferrable method of communication, anything else you'd like to tell me etc.) The casted members can listen to the mashup & decide if they'd still like to partcipate. If you need to back out for whatever reason, there are no hard feelings, as the role will reopen for the second casting phase! Phase 2 will stay open for a VERY long time, date TBA.

    You can audition for both



    The songs I will likely include the mashup are currently as follows (SUBJECT TO CHANGE!)

    μ's - START:DASH!!

    Aqours - MIRAI TICKET

    μ's - Donna Toki mo Zutto

    Aqours - Omoi yo Hitotsu ni nare

    Things to note if you decide to audition!

    *Phase 2 auditions will be open for a long time to allow room for any newcomers to CCC who find the project, as  well as interested members who happen to be busy!
    *The activity of the project will commence during the summer time, with about 2 months to work on the song. This is a great project if you are someone with a busy schedule (aka me LOL), but would still love to participate in a group! And if everything goes well, this could turn into a full-on cover group!

    *You must have either an Email, Skype, or Discord account that is checked frequently.  If there is a different messaging system you prefer, let me know and we can talk. Just have something you check frequently so you can be in the loop!

    *If you do not get casted, please do not let it discourage you from trying out for future projects! Your voice is probably lovely, but may simply not be the fit for this project.

    I hope you decide to audition! Most importantly, have fun & enjoy the project!

    About the Creator: starlightsongs

    It's ya girl Izzy ✌🏼

    Idol hell. I mix and sing sometimes.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold