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    About Minecraft Roleplay Team

    Hello! My name is Hannah, and I would like to start a roleplay. I would like a team to help create a stunning roleplay! I am looking for a skin editor, builder, script writer (I will write as well, just help me come up with ideas and make the script look better!) and an artist. This might be a long process, so be in it for the long run! I will be using my own money for a minecraft server host. Unfortunately i can not pay you due to the fact that i'm only 14 almost 15.

    As for the role play idea, I have a couple. My first Idea would be a boarding school, kind of like the show Greenhouse academy, where the school is its own rival. There are two halves of the school, and each half is its own team, and they compete. there will be drama, fun and sadness. I really like that idea. The other idea is kind of like Minecraft Diaries, where there is a kingdom. I don't like that idea as much as the boarding school one, because I believe we could do so much with the boarding school.

    Of course, there are some rules to be on this team.
    1. You have to be 12 and older. If you are under 12, you can still audition, but your chances of getting picked are not as high.
    2. I am 14, and I will be turning 15 in a few months. I feel uncomfortable working with anybody above the age of 17. You can still try out, but I want to know it won't be awkward or weird.
    3. Be committed. I do not want a slacker on this team. I want to know that i can trust that you will be ready to go and be there when I need you.
    4. Be comfortable with calls! I know i was very uncomfortable with calls, but I believe I am better now.
    5. Be active in the group chat! I want to get to know everybody!
    6. Do not create drama. If you don't like the way someone is behaving, come to me and don't talk to anybody else about it. This can cause unwanted drama. I will have a talk with the person who is behaving badly, and it will get sorted out.
    7. If you know you will be inactive for a week, please let me know beforehand, that way everybody will not be confused and it will run smoothly.
    8. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! have discord. If you do not have discord, download it.

    I am very excited to get started! Also note that in every single video i create on my youtube channel, the team members will be shouted out in the description. and i might make a couple videos with the team members! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold