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    About Metroid: The Bounty Hunter's Judgement

    METROID: The Bounty Hunter’s Judgement is an animated short by OutPort Studios and TheProjectPack, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Metroid Franchise by Nintendo. The crossover between Metroid and Undertales was born after the YouTube Gaming show “Challenge Accepted” hosted by Play&Develop (A VideoGame educational and Review Channel hosted by two game designers at OutPort Studios) where they played for the first time ever “Super Metroid” and “Undertale” at the same time.


    After an emergency mission request, Samus is sent to eliminate a creature capable of manipulating space and time with a big bounty on its head. Samus finds herself being judged for all of her past insane genocide missions by the easiest enemy of all: Sans.

    The team behind is aiming to make an action packed animation followed by a compelling story based on both games canons while respecting their roots as much as possible. At the same time the goal is to deliver a high quality product both in animation and image quality, but as we want to deliver a believable story, our priority is to archive good quality voice acting for each character while giving the opportunity to everyone to participate.

    The passion and love for this project extends beyond the team at OutPort Studios, as the Orchestral and Metal band “Zest” is producing the official soundtrack, mixing and covering both Undertale and Metroid soundtracks from the ground up, just for this project (a Link to one of the official tracks below, they’re awesome).

    The project is aimed to be released in both Spanish and English, and to finish main production December 2016, with an estimated 15 minutes of runtime.

    Characters available:

    Samus Aran






    *Samus and Frisk doesn't have lines as they’re well known as silent characters. They have sounds queues like laughs, pain groans, screams, and in the particular case of Frisk, crying.

    How to submit your auditions:

        1-Choose the characters you wish to be auditioning for, and the language.

        2-Get the lines for each character below or from this document (http://theprojectpack.com/AuditionLines).

            If you’re interested in the Spanish lines, write to the email shown below with the subject: “Metroid Spanish         Lines”.

        3-Record yourself stating your full name and the character you’re auditioning, and then the lines, one take is         ok but you can do multiple takes, as many as you want.

        4-Send an audio though this website, OR  via WeTransfer to [redacted] with the subject         “Metroid Auditions ‘YOUR CHARACTER NAME HERE’ “.


    -Do one audition per character – DON’T mix characters in a single wave file

    -Record at the best quality you can afford, we’re aiming to a RAW 24bit 48khz sound quality.


    1- Is it a paid or unpaid project?

            It’s not a paid project: not a single member of the OutPort Studios and/or TheProjectPack is making any         money out of this (neither Zest by making the soundtrack). We’re doing this by the love of it, and specially,         the 30th Anniversary of Metroid.

    2- What do I get in return if I get cast?

        -A full digital HD copy of the final animation in which you worked on, to use in any reel you like. (H.264 1080p         60fps 25mbps bit rate, Stereo 48khz 24-bit compressed).

        -Full credits to you with your full name, and if you like, your nickname and one link to any of your social media         or reel site in the end credits.

        -Full credits to you with your full name in any printed promotional material.

        -A full digital HD copy of the behind the scenes featurette (if you choose to be in the behind the scenes).

        -The chance to work with us in future paid and unpaid projects, and also to give us the chance to help you in         your future projects as well… why not?


        -The chance to make friends and have a lot of fun.

    3- Where I can submit my audition?

       You can send your audition by clicking a character down below, OR.

       Send us your .wav file via email to: [redacted]

    4- When will the auditions be closed?

    We’ll be receiving submissions until December 7.

    5- Can I audition for more than one role?

    Please do.

    6- Do I have to audition for both English and Spanish versions of the character, or I can just audition for one of them?

    You DO NOT HAVE TO audition for both languages, but if you can and want to… wow… that’s awesome. Please do.

    7- How and when will I know if I get selected for a role?

    You'll be notified via this website or emai.

    8- In which format will be the animation be released?

        Quick answer: Full HD on Youtube

        Long answer: 1920*1080p @60fps, H.264 @25mbps, 2.1 stereo, 48khz 24bits. We’re planning on a special edition version with full uncompressed image quality and 5.1 sound mixing by R.C Studios (they’re huge Metroid fans too).

    9- In which format I’ll have to submit my auditions and, later on, my recorded lines for the project?

    The best quality you can afford to record, (Your equipment out signal may be different or inferior to the one you choose to export). We’ll be working with an standard quality of 24-bit 48khz uncompressed .wav

    11- Do I have to EQ/Mix my voice?

    Please DO NOT alter your submissions in ANY way. We need your audio as RAW as possible, this means:

    -NO noise reduction

    -NO reverb effects

    -NO EQ, mixing or Mastering of any kind.

    The team at R.C Studios will be mixing and mastering everything, even to test your submissions for the character you’re auditioning.

    12 – Can I read the script before auditioning?

    We’re sorry, but no, we want the complete story be a surprise. You’ll receive a full copy of the script once you’re selected.

    Hope you guys have fun and we can work together. ♥

    Links of interest

    (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE any of these links outside this site)

    “Teaser Trailer #1” Metroid: The Bounty Hunter’s Judgement:

    https://youtu.be/zZejCLZZXvA?t=22m19s(Minute 22:19)

    “English and Spanish subtitles available”

    Zest - Overture_V1 (Official Soundtrack)


    Samus vs Sans Battle Preview (Rough Animation).


    2015 TheProjectPack Showreel (OutPort Studios projects included)


    Pro-A (Gameplay Demo) "OutWorlds" (UnrealEngine3 Demo of one of our games)


    About the Creator: r_c

    CEO at TheProjectPack, OutPortStudios. R.C Studios & RGB Cube. 

    Filmmaker, TV Producer and animator.

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