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About Marutech University

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned! It took us three hours of deliberation to choose -- you were all wonderful. For those of you who emailed us and asked for specific feedback on your auditions, we WILL get back to you. For any of you who have questions about casting, please contact us at: [redacted] 



Hello, everyone! From the same folks that brought you Dead Earth, Ugly Blue Hat Productions is back with an epic tale of horror, mystery, and suspense.  This casting call is for Season 1 of MARUTECH UNIVERSITY. We're casting for various voices, including: 

1) Aaron Armstead: Lead/Male/Young Adult to Middle Aged/North American accent (open to hearing auditions with slight English accents as well). Professional student. Wry and quirky. 

2) Professor Croworth: Lead/Male/Senior/English accent (open to hearing auditions with other accents). Professor. Shrill, old, intelligent. 

3) Jules the Sentient AI: Lead/Female/Ageless/We're very open to accent styles for this role. Sentient AI. Slightly robotic, with the ability to emote when required. 

4) Andrea O'Hare: Lead/Female/Young Adult to Middle Age/North American or English accent (open to other accents as well). Student, Aaron's ex-girlfriend. Curious, tenacious, enthusiastic. 

5) David Markins. Supporting/Male/Young Adult to Middle Age/North American accent. Park Ranger. A bit goofy, endearing. 

6) Director Samson: Supporting/Male/Senior/North American accent (open to hearing slight English accent as well). Director. Calm, smooth, controlled. 

7) Agents Doe and Smith: Minor/Male or Female/Middle Aged/North American accent (open to hearing slight English accents as well). Agents. Quirky. Nearly parodies of themselves. This is for two different roles, Agents Doe and Agent Smith. One can be a man, one a woman, both men or both women. It will depend on the auditions we get. 

8) The Four Rules of Antarctica/Whispers: Minor/Any Ages/North American accent (open to hearing other accents as well). Supernatural beings. Commanding, superior.  We'll be casting four people for these roles, most likely two male and two female. 

9) Mr. Mulligan: Extra/Male or Female/Middle Aged/North American accent. Big Foot Hunter. Passionate about what he does. 

10) Tom Smith: Extra/Male/Senior/North American accent, Member of the Penobscot tribe and storyteller. Serious as a heart attack.

11) Mr. McNeil: Extra/Male/Middle Aged/North American accent. Conspiracy theorist. Kind of a loonie bin. 

For each role available, there is a short description of the character and the voice we're currently envisioning for the character. Except for the four lead characters (Aaron, Croworth, Andrea, and Jules), we're open to gender-bending the rest of the characters, so if you read the character description and get inspired to try out, please do, regardless of what the gender tag specifies. We're also open to your interpretations of the characters based on your initial reaction to the series synopsis and the lines, so feel free to have fun with these auditions.  Some of the characters, such as Jules and Andrea, require a broad range. Other characters (Tom) are pretty straightforward (but still open to interpretation). If you have a vision for the character based on the lines presented, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section! 

All roles are in the English language. If you haven't read H.P. Lovecraft, we highly suggest it as a primer to the style/tone of the series. 


Aaron Armstead is a professional student that has been studying at Marutech University for more than a decade. Although he has historically refused to take a teaching job at the University, Aaron has found steady employment with his long-time mentor, Professor Magnus Croworth. However, the old Professor has detected the beginning of a dark awakening, for which he wants more data to use in his research. As a result, Aaron is sent to investigate bizarre incidents all over the world, during which he uncovers an impossible conspiracy.

As if it were not enough to worry about forgotten gods, dark rituals, and terrifying monsters, Aaron also has to contend with modern issues. He'll have to navigate an environment where scientists create new technologies they can't control, learn to deal with a sentient AI that lives in his phone, and work alongside his ex-girlfriends. As Aaron struggles to hold on to his sanity, he'll need your help to find the truth.


As of now, the deadline for auditions is set for April 21st, 2018. There are currently no plans to extend this deadline, as the full Season 1 script is being polished up and is nearly ready to record.  


Expect to be warmly greeted by Jules and Blake, the folks that put together Ugly Blue Hat, and Kevin, the writer for Marutech University. At this point, you'll be part of our UBH family, where you'll get to interact with other voices actors from around the globe, all of whom offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. UBH will showcase all series contributors in the credits sections of our series page (see UGLY BLUE HAT PRODUCTIONS for example).  Here we'll also showcase your demo reels and additional work. Once we get the lines back, we'll release the production schedule for the upcoming episodes.  We also do "featured" articles on our writers, voice actors, and sound designers. 

Within a week of casting, we'll kick you the first three episodes of Marutech University to complete. We're looking to have the first waves of lines done by May 11th. 

We communicate primarily through email. However, UBH is in the process of setting up Discord where the writing, acting, and production teams can more easily talk. 


First and foremost, have fun -- we take pride in bringing together talents in different mediums to create something truly phenomenal, but none of it means anything if the people involved aren't passionate about their craft. 

That being said, please submit clean recordings on prosumer mics (no air conditioners in the background, no fans -- we don't mind performing noise reduction on your files, however too much clean-up reduces the quality of your voice). Also please don't add effects to your lines -- leave that to our audio geniuses :) 

We do occasionally ask for line re-dos, but we do this sparingly and only after great consideration - we realize your time is valuable, and we won't ask for anything we can't work around in edits. 

Lastly, since we are planning on multiple seasons, we 'd like to cast people who will be able to stick with us for awhile. Of course, life happens, but if you're just trying voice acting on for size, let us know, and we'll find a non-recurring role that is appropriate for you. 


Ugly Blue Hat is a for-fun, non-profit organization/experiment that strives to bring together artists from different mediums to create new and unique stories.  


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold