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Coiltheink's Previously Completed Works

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    About Male Voice Over Needed for Poem Reading

    So on my youtube channel a friend and I are planning on making a series of four short film videos (about 4 minutes or so long), each one with a voiceover of a poem about the elements as if they were women a man once loved.

    Each film will be very nostalgic and romantic looking, the tone and style of the filming would be similar my latest film work: https://youtu.be/99FjL_OokIA lonely with a sense of bliss.

    Most poems are still in development as we're both currently under-going our exams so the project will not being airing for some time, at least not until the second poem is done, so be patient and just be excited for when more poems will flow in!

    If you have any questions about the project please don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below or drop me an email at [redacted] !

    Here is the first poem about Fire:

    She was a familiar to all.

    Her glow engulfing them in comfort when needed,

    On cold nights and lonely days,

    And yet they feared her passion,

    Strength being weakness in her life.

    I would meet her in the darkness of the evening,

    And watch her dance that would bring light,

    Her passion and grace filling my empty thoughts

    Capturing my attention for those centuries of old.

    But I had yet to approach her.

    It would be early winter,

    Our first close encounter would occur,

    And I would cherish her light and the comfort she gave,

    Drifting off to her whispered remarks,

    To once again see her in my dreams,

    But I had yet to see her danger.

    She would not like to be left alone.

    Her anger growing and voice would be heard,

    Fear others held, I had finally realised,

    And the distance we once held,

    Would appear in the shutters of my windows,

    I want to let her close to me again,

    To let her dangerous passions suffocate my lungs,

    I yearn for that ember to ignite once again,

    To watch that dance that entranced me for centuries,

    And to have her grey whispers scold my skin again,

    But that kiss of death that she would lay upon me,

    I do not crave anymore.

    - End -


    Fire is like that girl in class who always appears so bold and cheerful, everyone adores her, or more like they need her - they need her warmth to keep their cold, sad thoughts away from them. But when she and the man get close, the man realises she is incredibly unstable. She has mood swings constantly, from lows to highs, to love to pure hate that she nearly stabs him one time let's say - she's very destructive and the relationship can't work out. He begins to realise that that though it appears that she has many friends, in actuality she has none - as she's so bold all the time no one wants to have to deal with her suffering, like many popular girls. He regrets ending the relationship, though he knows it would've ended badly. He remembers how beautiful she was, how her smile shone and beamed and how fun she was to have around, but also her destructive nature.

    Fire may seem beautiful, but she will burn anyone who tries to get close to her - he got burnt.

    About the Creator: coiltheink

    Hi there! My name is Grace Felicity. I'm a filmmaker, youtuber, actress and voice actress! I have yet to do really any professional works but I am enjoying the process up to it! I love watching anime, films, tv shows and drawing and writing when I'm not filmming or acting - which are my two main passions in life.

    I hope to have my voice in more projects and be able to work with many new creative people!

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