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    About Male and Female Singers Needed (Composers Welcome)

    Hello, and welcome to the Killer Romance trailer song auditions. 

    I created a book that I will soon be turning into either a game, a video series, or possibly an audiobook. Regardless of which of these platforms is chosen, I will be creating an animated trailer for the book in general (and then the project) by this December. I have some songs chosen out for each book in the series, but due to copyright and the fact that one of the songs is not in English, I need to find singers who can cover the songs using the lyrics that I construct

    One of the songs chosen is "Period" by Girugamesh, so the other trailer songs will have the same type of mood and genre. You do not have to cover this song for your audition, but please know that this is the theme we are going for. 

    To audition, please submit three songs of the criteria listed in the audition space. I am accepting any vocal range as long as you sing well and have a good microphone. (Let's be honest here... If your microphone has terrible background noise that you do not know how to get rid of, do not audition. That being said, please do not record with a phone.)

    I would appreciate it if you included music in the background, but if you cannot find any without vocals, I understand. 

    Also, if you are under 13, do not audition. I need someone who sounds older than that. Also, the story I have created contains dark and mature themes not suitable for young audiences. Due to this, I will not have my project members review any auditions of individuals under 13.

    As for a composer/musician, let me know what instrument you play (or if you can play nearly everything or are skilled with GarageBand). Anyone is welcome, no matter how big or small a role.

    By auditioning, you are letting me know that you are responsive to messages through Skype (If you do not have one, make one) within a three-day time frame unless there is some reason you cannot receive notifications. You are also letting me know that you can commit to this project for a long period of time if the production is postponed (This just means that if we had to wait a few months to start making it, you would be available again once we start production). 

    So far, the team consists of me, the author of the book, and a few voice actors anxiously awaiting the start of this project. We have all remained loyal and will welcome you with warm arms if you make the cut.

    And of course, you will be credited in any creation we use you for, such as music backing the final project, singing, voice acting- anything that you contribute to. This is a non-profit project, but if we decide to create an original project sometime in the future and you would like to be a part of it, you will definitely be considered. We value trust in those who prove to be dedicated to the project, and we work to create a friendly environment while maintaining a sense of professionalism. 

    Thank you for your interest, and I hope to add you to the team.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold