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    About Male narrator for an action-adventure game.

    We're looking for a voice actor to fill the role of a narrator in our game Empathy.

    The voice we're looking for should sound like a 40-50 year old male with a "mature" tint, preferably with a slight natural East European accent (edit: Czech /Romanian or something similar) but it's by no means mandatory, please do not feel forced to fake one. Although we'd like to avoid heavy American/South American/Asian/African accents as the character is ambiguously European, also British ones been done to death.

    What is however, important, is to be able to voice act in a musing, detached, and sometimes philosophical way. The character is kind of combined knowledge from many different perspectives that player experiences, without any strong own identity. This doesn't mean he's schizophrenic or "joker" level crazy, he's not switching between personalities all the time, but more like a sponge sucking up memories and emotions of others, and then mirroring them, musing over them, chewing through them.

    Detailed info about the character can be found here.


    • You must be able to deliver high quality recordings that are cleaned up and ready for use in-game, at least in the beginning. We will be mastering the files later on, but right now we're short on time and the first level voice overs will go straight from you and into the demo that we're working on.

    • You have Skype, keep your deadlines, and is quick to respond to communications. As you'll be the main voice of the game, there'll be a fair amount of back and forth work to nail down the character and flesh out minor kinks.

    • You can deliver ~30 monologues by the end of July to begin with for the game's demo, later proceeding to voicing rest of the game. In total there will likely be close to ~150 individual monologues, ranging from just a few words to a few sentences.

    • You're pretty flexible. We don't have the final script for the whole game yet, focusing on the demo first, so we'll be keeping contact throughout next few months as new stuff roll in.

    We don't have a set price. 


    About the Creator: araklaj

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold