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    About Magical B♂ys Parody CLOSED

    Cast List:
    Stephan: Cast to MachII (BTVA)
    Raphael: Nickinolegz (CCC)
    Tate: Hotrod41994 (CCC)
    Sherman: Kiba Walker (Email)
    Mr. Diff: Cast to Blank Space (Email)

    Glorvak: Cast to Bradley  (BTVA)

    Fuwa: Hatsune Miku (BTVA)
    Gayle: Ameangelofsin (CCC)

    Delilah: Spracha (BTVA)

    Bree: averagetoaster (BTVA)

    Victoria: Micah Bea (BTVA)

    Alice: Naruruna (CCC)

    Update* 5/31
    Characters under review are now closed. 
    Please note Sherman is still open, I think we need more of an 'army brat' voice, but don't overdo it! The second we find someone for him he isclosed, everyone else abides by the deadline.

    UPDATE* 5/30
    Wow! Look at all these auditions! Today is the last day to submit your auditions you guys but what a response! 
    There will be a review period for all of our auditions after today, so expect a speedy reply! I will finish any feedback requests too ;3 
    If there are charcters we are unsatified with, we will keep the auditions up for those characters and extend the deadline for them! If you've already auditioned for one of those characterrs and feel like resubmitting, go ahead!

    I want to thank everyone that's auditioned on here, and I hope you had fun auditioning!


    *Update* 5/6
    Oh wow Tankinator, if you keep getting upvotes, you'll have to do ALL the girls! Congrats! :9 
    *Update* We have ten episodes written out already.
    Be prepared to have to cry, yell, say silly things, and maybe play background characters if you're casted.

    This is for the Pilot episode of a project my companion and I are working on! As a result of this, we need voice actors! We usually have the script done before we animate, so chosen actors will get their lines before they are animated.

    Five boys are caught up in a magical mascots revenge against magical girls! With the power of love, friendship, and um, horribly dealing with things in general. These five will combat the many strange foes in their adventures.

    We hope to publish an episode every month on YouTube if the pilot goes well and as our schedules permit, If you want to see the channel it will be posted on, or the channels of my companion and I, feel free to browse these links:

    Animation Channel:
    Travisties and Seroliloquys

    Individual Channels:
    Tankinator - Travis

    If you participate in this project, you will be required to say silly lines.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold