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Ryuukaii's Previously Completed Works

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    About Love Live! Aqours Cover Group!!!


    I am Ryuukaii!! I realize there have been lots of Aqours cover groups lately... Guess I'm just adding onto the pile!!! 

    You probably know what we're looking for in this group, but I'll put in a set of guidelines that are a must.


    1) BE POLITE TO EVERYONE. When auditioning, don't diss someone else's audition or make fun of them. And if you get in, don't brag or make fun of those who didn't. Respect is something everyone should give and receive. Please be friendly to everyone here. 

    2) VOCALISTS MUST HAVE GOOD MICROPHONE QUALITY. To be accepted I will need you to have at least a decent microphone. iPhones and other devices are acceptable to record on, as long as I can hear your voice clearly and as long as there is not much background fuzz/noises and popping.

    3) VOCALISTS MUST KNOW HOW TO SING IN BOTH JAPANESE AND ENGLISH. In this group, we will be making both English and Japanese covers of any/all Aqours songs. Please be prepared to sing with good pronunciation in both languages. 

    4) LYRICISTS HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE GOOD LYRICS, NOT JUST DIRECT TRANSLATIONS!!! I've seen this happen a lot in cover groups. Lyricists for this group must know how to make good lyrics, ones that sound nice and fit together. Not just direct translations of the song. 

    5) MIXERS AND ANIMATORS MUST HAVE A WAY TO SEND/RECIEVE RECORDINGS/VIDEOS. This is pretty self explainitory, just make sure you have a way to send/receive recordings and videos. 

    6) EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONS MUST BE ABLE TO STICK WITH THE GROUP, SEND IN AUDITIONS ON TIME, AND HAVE A WAY OF COMMUNICATING WITH EVERYONE. If you audition, you must stay with the group and send in recordings by the set due dates!!! Of course we will decide the due dates as a group, but once it is decided on it is set. For this group, we will be using Skype. Skype is almost a must, but if you absolutely can't get Skype and are accepted, then we can probably find a solution. Please try to have a working Skype and a way to send/receive recordings and videos. We will probably call once (or more) every month also. Just as a way to get to know eachother better :)

    That is all for the rules and guidelines. Now to what this group needs. For this next part we may need different communication methods. My email is [redacted]. If you need anything else or have further questions, please contact me through there. 

    9 VOCALISTS. The vocalists should generally sound like the character they are auditioning for. I will be pretty strict, but don't let that stop you from trying out for who you want to try out for. As said above, good microphone quality, recordings sent in by the due date, and communication with the group is required. Please submit your auditions on this website, through email, or linked to another place. 

    1-3 MIXERS AND 1-3 ANIMATORS. The mixers and animators must send in a piece that they have worked on by themselves through email or linked to another place. You must be able to receive/send recordings and videos, be able to communicate with the group, and be able to get the job done by the set due date. 

    1-3 LYRICISTS. The lyricists must be able to make decent translations of the songs from Japanese to English. For these songs, it might be kind of tough, but you have to make sure the lyrics fit well and go together. Not just a direct translation of the song. These people have to create lyrics in a timely fashion, and communicate well with the group. Please submit a copy of lyrics you made into the comments, link them to another place, or send them to my email 

    Remember: This is a group effort!!! There are lots of guidelines, but if you ever need help with something the whole group must work together! Happy auditioning~!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold