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    About Love Live! ラブライブ! School Idol Project English Fandub (Actors, Singers, Lyricists, Mixers, Video Editors, & Understudies Needed!) ♡

    Hello everyone! I know that their are a lot of these, but they just look like so much fun! So I decided to make a full 2 season Fandub of Love Live! I hope that you can all audition! I self-casted as Kotori, so that is why auditions are closed for her. I'm also planning on making a website for the cast! I'll also need video editors, mixers, & lyricists to join the techie team because I'll be busy writing the script! If you just want to sing/voice act and not do both for the characters, then this is the Fandub for you! I have put down strictly singing & acting roles. However, if you want to do both, then I can cast you for both the acting, & singing parts! It's a long way until the deadline (which will be June 1st), but the sooner you audition, the better! Here are just a few requirements for the auditions:

    Rule #1: Be Kind!So I know this is a given, but I guess this is a reminder to be supportive of others rather than bash them. Just keep the Chinese proverb, "What you do not wish for yourself, do not for others." I promise, working with nice people is way better than working with a critical and arrogant person!

    Rule #2: DedicationYou can probably tell already, but this project will require your dedication! If you audition, keep in mind that you are willing to put forth a good effort for the whole group! After all, this is a group effort, which is why this is going to be so much fun! I'm pretty understanding about people handing in their lines late, but it's not fair to everyone who turned in their lines/singing on time. It would probably make our mixers and video editors feel rushed if we are behind a deadline, & nobody wants them to be stressed out~

    Rule #3: The GearI'm actually not too picky about this one, but just make sure your mic is good, and that your auditions don't have so much static that I cannot hear you!

    Rule #4: SingingPlease sing any Love Live! song in ENGLISH for your audition! Also, do not feel pressured to put off vocal music (AKA instrumental tracks) in your audition (However, they are preferred). Either way is fine with me! Don't hesitate, and put your voice out there! I want to hear all of your beautiful voices if you are auditioning to be the singing voice of a character!

    Rule #5: Share your Talents Please!If you are a actor, singer, lyricist, mixer, and\or a video editor, we'd love to have you join this project! You can still tryout for this and get 2 roles (or more).

    Rule #6: Crediting Information!: To make this fandub feel more ~official~ I decided that it would be nice if the video editor added credits to credit everyone, so feel free to use your own name or make up one. However, please make them sound realistic. For example, just don't put down your name down as Kanye West (unless it is, which would be pretty cool!)

    Rule #7: Communication: Communication is key for this project to run smoothly! Since I'm not a huge fan of Skype, this group will be using Discord. It's actually really easy and efficient, and you don't have to download anything :) Plus, I just like the layout more, so don't stress/think about this rule too much~

    Rule #8: Have Fun!: When auditioning, just go out there and try your best, as that's what really matters! Auditions are not only great learning opportunities, but a good way to do something you love! Also, feel free to try out for as many roles as you would like! That way, the odds can be more "in your favor".

    Once again, feel free to audition for as many things as you would like! I am looking forward for all of your auditions! Please feel free to read the character descriptions so you know what I am looking for. Good luck everyone!

    Have a Busy Schedule, but still want to Participate?: I added A-Rise, extras (which are super important!), and additional lyricist roles, which aren't that big of a commitment, so if you are busy but want to join, just try out for some of those roles!

    Please Note ♡ This casting call will close on the first of June even though the project says otherwise right now :)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold