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About Love Live! N PROJECT! Aishiteru Banzai Japanese Cover

Hello there! I'm putting together a group of 9 girls to cover the Love Live song, Aishiteru Banzai! But... there's a twist! Instead of mimicking a μ’s member's voice, you will be choosing up to three Normals (from the mobile game Love Live! School idol festival) that you believe matches your voice!

Not to worry about not knowing all of them, I've created a document that has links to each girl's School idol Tomodachi page where you can view their cards, appearances, and personality! Please do give it a read before submitting an audition!

Feel free to audition for more than one spot if you feel you have the capability for those! You will be only eligible for one spot though, so keep that in mind! Also, I may end up self-casting for a spot after everyone else is casted.

I am also looking for video animators and audio mixers to create the final product!

Here is the criteria for auditioning as a singer:

★Please have a good-quality mic, or at least eliminate any background noise via Audacity or Adobe Audition! Having a low quality microphone will greatly hurt your chances of getting cast! I'm not expecting professional-quality recordings, but please do try your best!

★You must sing the short version of the song Aishiteru Banzai by μ’s in Japanese! I do not want to see any English auditions, please!

★This part is completely optional, but you may also include a second recording of another Love Live! song of your choosing. This will allow me to hear more of your voice, which may increase your chances of being cast!

Stay in rhythm with the song! I don't really mind whether or not you use backing tracks, but make sure I can hear your voice and that you're in rhythm!

★Introduce yourself in a comment attached to your audition! Say whatever you feel like saying, such as your name, age, favorite idol, what you think of this project, your pet's name, or whatever! This can be long or short, it doesn't matter.

★Lastly, you must include at least one (or more!) of the N idols you think suits your voice the best along with the introduction! And, if you'd like, explain why you think your voice suits them! This is a very vital part of this whole project! That idol should also match the role your auditioning for!

Here is the criteria for auditioning as a animator/mixer:

★It's pretty simple: show me an example of something you mixed or animated. Mixers can send in an audition, but animators/mixers can also DM me a link to their work via CCC!

★A small introduction would also be nice, just so I can get to know you!

For all auditioners: You must have either a Skype or Discord account so that we can communicate! You don't have to link them in your audition, but ensure you have them in case you get casted! I will likely create either a discord or Skype group for the entire group to communicate in~

Lastly, be nice, upvote others, and have fun! I'm excited to see what you have to offer! Feel free to ask questions, tell me if I misspelled something, or tell me any suggestions you have! I also may do more N projects like this in the future... so keep your eyes peeled and voices ready!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold