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About Love Live! Japanese OC Cover Group

Please read this information all the way through before auditioning!

Hello! I'm Lilla, the director of this project. 

This is a cover group focusing on music from the Love Live! franchise. The name is not yet decided, but the cast and staff will work together on deciding it. We will be covering full versions of songs from both µ's and Aqours, and using OCs in the form of Love Live! School Idol Festival sprite edits. I am looking for 8 vocalists, as I am self-casting, along with staff positions! Each vocalist will be singing the lines of one µ's member and one Aqours member. I will not be casting before the deadline, but it may be extended. If you have an OC ref prepared, please link it in your audition! All 9 vocalist roles are open, I will be auditioning for roles myself and choosing my own role at the same time as general casting.

In addition to covers, we will also be voicing original comics, in the style of a non-playable visual novel, or a LLSIF story on auto mode. These will either be in English or Japanese, depending on what the cast wants. 

Before you audition, keep in mind what kind of lines the μ's and Aqours members you're auditioning for sings! This applies to subgroups, duets, solo songs, etc. For example, if your OC is someone who clearly belongs in the pop subgroup (Printemps/CYaRon!), don't audition for the lines of people in the rock subgroup! 

Since this project has an original storyline as well, please be okay with voice acting as well as have your OC have a first and last name, personality, backstory, etc. We will figure out what we want for what each member does, as well as who is what year, attribute, etc. afterwards! If your OC is not a "character," so to speak, then you can change your OC's name for this project, give your OC a surname, or make a new OC alltogether! We will either be credited as our OCs, or by a different name! That will also be decided by the members.


To audition, please: 

» Be willing to commit and meet deadlines! This will an ongoing project, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to actually take part in a project you signed up for. I would not like to recast, but this project being treated like it's a joke will not be tolerated.

» Have a decent microphone! This only applies to vocalists. At least a USB mic, phone/laptop built-in mics won't make the cut. Though they may work nicely in solo covers, the quality shows through when mixed with 8 other voices, and I'd like for this project to be as high quality as possible.

» Have a Discord and be active! This will be our way of communication, as well as turning in files. I'm not asking for you to be on 24/7 but only saying one message every 2 weeks isn't fair to the rest of the cast. If you could leave your username and discord tag(ex. Lilla Najima#1663) in your audition comments I'd appreciate it! 

Q: Can I audition if I'm a guy? 

Not for a vocalist, I'm looking for feminine voices only. Staff is open to anyone though!

Q: Can I be staff and a vocalist?

Sure! Just comment in your vocalist audition what staff positions you would like to audition for and samples.

Q: Will you ever sing non-Love Live songs or in English?

No, this will only be a Japanese Love Live group.

Q: Do I have to sound like the characters I'm auditioning for?

No! This is an OC project, meaning you can use whatever type of voice you'd like! I will say that choosing carefully is important depending on what kinds of notes you can sing!

Q: How many roles can I audition for?
Up to 3 vocalist roles, and no limit on staff, but don't strain yourself!

Q: Do I have to sing acapella?

It's preferred, but no! Off vocals are fine.

Q: Do I have to sing a subgroup song?

Most likely. If you'd rather sing a different song or can't record for a while, DM me on Discord and we can work things out!

Q: Can I link my YouTube channel or other work!

It's highly encouraged!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord, Lilla Najima#1663! Thank you for your interest in my project, I look forward to hearing all your wonderful voices!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold