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    About Love Live International Chorus!♪

    I was talking with Lanni about the future of a Love Live chorus never happened and suddendly came the idea: an International Love Live Chorus with a lot of different languages in each song! I'm pretty sure that this will be a little difficult to make and manage but I want to try! ♥

    So let's start with some advices and details~

    ► Boys can audition too in this Love Live chorus.

    ► Please use a good microphone! Quality is important. I mean, we don't need an expensive mic but at least an audible one!

    ► You can audition for everyone (but I will cast only one role for each person!), but make sure that you presented yourself in comments. You should write what languages can you sing, what's your mother tongue language and things like that.

    How can I do a good presentation? Well, I add an example just for you.

    ↪ “Hi! I'm yolirend. I can sing in Japanese, English and Italian but my mother tongue language is Italian. My favorite Love Live girls are Eli, Ruby and Yohane.”

    ► Don't autotune your voice or add background vocals/off vocal. I want to hear your voice clearly.

    ► If you can, sing in all languages you can sing. Thanks.

    ► You have to be able to write your own language lyrics parts. If someone sings in that language too you can collaborate. Our songs will be multilanguages like this.

    I'll personally don't take any role of Muses or Aqours because I want to hear your voices first!

    I might take ONE of these roles:

    • Eli Ayase

    • Umi Sonoda

    • Maki Nishikino

    • Yoshiko Tsushima

    • Dia Kurosawa

    Little extra.

    ► I can mix by myself but I'm not so good, so mixer role is open. (PM me)

    ► I can also make videos, but animator role is open. (PM me)

    ► I want active people. I don't want a dead group. There will not be rush for recordings but I pretend a minimum of respect for everyone.

    Icons are by @tojounozomis on Twitter.

    (If I made grammar mistakes please write me!!! It's 4 a.m. here and I'm sleepy...)

    About the Creator: yolirend

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold