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    About Love live Cover Group!

    Well, this is my first project ever, and really my first action on casting call because of: 1. My voice is terrible, &2. I'm painstakingly shy. So really, all I do on this website is watch other's auditions and pray for a new and better voice. Anyway, this project is meant for PROFFESIONAL SINGERS, so if you aren't one then GTFO. Its joke~ !This is really for anyone who wants to audition! I don't judge, and please don't feel that if I don't pick you you're a terrible singer. Sadly there can only be one role per person, but just so that more people can get picked I made it so that backupp singers are also available. And don't think you dont do anything in those situations either. 

        Naturally backup singers will do less than regular singers, but if your regular singer is too responsible andnever gives you a chance, then I'll let you take a turn in turning in lines. I'm sorry, but bad mics can become the deciding factor of wheter or not I choose you because of the fact that I dont want the recording to sound bad all together. 

        I think that I'll do Muse now and then later on do Aquors, becasue I don't want to be missing people for the final thing, Make sure to use your normal voice and not try to make your voicesoudn like any one person so that it sounds more natural. Also, just as a tip, I'd recommend that you put your audition piece in both the regular and the backup singers. Along the lines of that, I think it would be easier of me to decide these things if you Auditioned for 3 different people, so that if there where two really good people auditioning for one thing I would be able to do one for each.

        If people actually audition, I will problably make a youtube account, but I'll have to do a poll or something with the people chosen to decide what its called. I really just want this to be fun for everyone so try your best and try not to be mean to those who audition, or act too salty against those who are chosen. I'll need a bit if information too so please either comment or say at the BEGGINING of your audition the following

                           1.(OPTIONAL) Who's your best love live girl?

                           2. What is your skype (mandatory) and gmail (optional)

                           3.Are you okay with doing someone from Aqua?

                           4. Whats a name you would like me to call you by?

                           5. (OPTIONAL) What's your favorite animal and fruit?

                           6. If you are participating to be a back-up singer,  are you okay with being called on to take over?

        Sorry this is so long, and thank you for auditioning. As a last note I would like to explain the last and most important rule: HAVE FUN WHILE PARTICIPATING! I don't want anyone to feel like this is boring, and if at any time you get bored of sending lines remember, it's always okay to just quit! If that ever occurs then your backup singer will take over and I'll make another casting for a backup singer for that said person. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold