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“OK! Let’s go!”



Hello! My name is Waffle and welcome to Palettes! We are a Japanese Love Live cover group dedicated to making covers of Aqours songs!


However, although I said ‘we’, I have yet to have created a team of members to work with me. That’s where this Casting Call comes into play.


The name ‘Palettes!’ comes from one of the suggested names from the Love Live Sunshine group naming poll! It’s meaning is, “Combining the different colors of all nine characters, hoping to create new colors. The name's point is that it has 9 characters,” (definition from: ).


I have participated as a singer for numerous cover groups in the past and the fact that people from all around the world can come together and sing is a beautiful thing to me. Running my own Love Live cover group sounds like a challenge but also a new experience that I am willing to be apart of.


Now before you audition, I have a few very important rules to address. You must be willing to follow these rules so it’s best to have a quick read of them before auditioning ^^


  1. COMMITMENT AND COMMUNICATION: I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RULES TO FOLLOW. I have seen many cover groups become inactive even before their debut because people have not turned in their recordings on time or have just left the group for no apparent reason. You MUST be committed to your role once casted. You can leave the group if personal issues or something like that come up, but you must let the group know before leaving. As for communication, you don’t have to talk in the general group chat if you don’t want to. I understand people can be shy and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. However, you still MUST take time to check important messages like due dates and such. This is my first ever project and I am willing to put my all my heart into it so I will need members to do the same.

  2. KINDNESS: You MUST be kind to those around you. Whether you get casted or not. If you get casted, you must be nice to all the other members and staff. When auditioning, you must be kind to other people auditioning too. If you wish to give someone feedback, do so in a POLITE manner. Remember, feedback and just being downright rude are 2 very different things.

  3. HAVE A MIC WITH LITTLE TO NO BACKGROUND NOISE: This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m not telling you to go out and spend all your money on a super expensive mic with crystal clear audio. I’m just saying that even a very basic mic (like an iphone maybe) and a basic audio editing program (like Audacity) can go a long way when it comes to background noise! Having lot’s and lot’s of background noise can affect the mix of a recording and it will decrease the likelihood of getting casted ^^”

  4. IT IS EXPECTED TO KNOW AT LEAST A LITTLE ABOUT THE AQOURS GIRLS AND LOVE LIVE FRANCHISE: Now, you don’t have to go and listen to every Aqours song there is but a basic knowledge about them should be expected

  5. HAVE FUN: These rules may seem a little intense because of the way I phrased them, but in the end it’s all pretty basic stuff! Our main objective of this group is to have fun!


WOOOOOOOOW that was a huge wall of text. Props to you if you read it all! Anyway, now that those rules are done with, time for the fun part! Auditioning!


I will be self-casting as Riko Sakarauchi. So besides her, all the other 8 members are open! I will show an example of what my voice sounds like in the auditions.


Aside from the members, I will need a bunch of staff to help me out! I will need a:


  • Full group mixer

  • Subunit/duet/solo mixer

  • Animator/video editor

  • Harmony guide maker

  • Manager 1

  • Manager 2

  • Backup 1

  • Backup 2


I will also have an ‘unsure’ role where you can audition and then I can tell you which of the main members you sound closest to!


So yeahhh that’s a lot of people! Because of this, I’m aiming for this Casting Call to be open for a couple of months at least. I know May - June is a busy time for a lot of people, so that’s why I don’t want people to stress about getting an audition in on time!


The current deadline is September 29th

Our main method of communication will probably be Discord! Make sure you have one or are willing to make one!


SO! That’s enough talking for me! Go on and audition! I’m excited to see what future this group holds! HAVE FUN!

(BTW thank you to Illya for making the little profile pics for each role!)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold