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About Looking for voice talents to THE WALKING DEAD Issue #1 Motion Comic Debut

I'm an independent YouTube editor who has been planning for months to produce and personally edit together a debut motion comic for the very first issue of Robert Kirkman's magnum opus; The Walking Dead. It's not a paid job, and only made for entertainment purposes. I don't earn anything from this. If the product turns out to be a success, and people want more, consider this an opportunity for more work in the future, especially those casted as regulars. You need to have been exposed to this comic-book series or even the television adaptation before auditioning for each individual parts. If you haven't I'd recommend reading the first issue of the series to get a grip before auditioning. The Walking Dead is an ongoing comic book series that focuses on the people rather than the undead, with bunch of betrayals, drama, and character set pieces and psychological battles that questions your own and the character's moral values. And what it takes to survive in mad world. I've always loved this series and in a world where there is no accurate adaptation of this series, I figured I'd take the first step. Join me on this journey together, and I know we can create something meaningful.

I've personally written down scripts for all the actors to get their hands on, if you get cast, you have the opportunity to delve deeper into the character and, to of course practice and record your dialogue in private. Then when you're done with your takes, you'll send them in to a specific e-mail adress that only I have access to. When I have all the dialogue, I will personally edit the project together. Then when the project is finished you'll be credited in the end credits, and you'll have my permission to use the project as a reference as one of your completed works.

Since the characters are mostly originated from Georgia, I am looking for southern accents for each individual parts, except for the casting of the undead.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold