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    About Looking for voice for animation thesis!


    I'm a student who is studying 2d animation!

    Right now, I'm working on my thesis animation "Arabesque."

    This film was speechless originally, but it seems like I need few lines for my characters.

    The acting is going to be really short, so please don't feel pressure about my project. 

    1. The story

    The story takes place in Moscow, Russia.

    This is the story about the old man who dreamed about becoming a ballet dancer since he was a kid.

    His dream was shattered because he got the back injury during the war.

    He gave up his dream and lived as a normal guy.

    One day, he was at the bus stop waiting for the bus and encountered a little girl and her mom.

    The little girl was wearing a ballet dress and shoes.

    Her ballet dress and shoes revives the old man's long forgotten dream and it immediately sends him back to his old memory.

    2. Description of the voice

    The number of my characters will be 3 in total: the old man, the little girlthe little girl's mom.

    Since this film was originally speechless, so I need only one line from the old man. The conversation between the little girl and the little girl's mom might be longer than that, but this should be short as well.

    The line of the old man is the simplest thing ever. humming and stumbling.

    The old man's humming might be required lip-synching, but don't worry! it is free acting without precise lip-synching. I said Lip-synching because I need the right timing when he stumbles while he hums. 

    The conversation between mom and daughter is also simple.

    The little girl is innocent, cheerful and cute. The mom is gentle but kind of arrogant and over-protective towards her daughter. The content of the conversation is basically daughter's showing off her ballet dance and her dress to mom and mom's compliment to her daughter.

    I will provide video samples and script later! Also, this is free acting so NO LIP-SYNCHING NEEDED (tiny little lip-synching for the old man...).

    I will animate everything later!

    Also, No Anime voice!!

    3. There is going to be an ambience sound through out the whole video, but I need a clear, audible voice without noise, not the muffled voice with too much noises. 

    4. Since I don't have enough budget, this casting will be no paid.

    However, my film is going to be screened in my school theater on May if I manage to finish my film. if you would like, your name will be on the credit.  

    Also, sorry in advance about the short audition period. I really need voices as quickly as possible. 

    I believe this is all information about my project. Everyone is welcomed to audition these characters.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message or email to [redacted]!

    Especially, I can respond to email within an hour if there is no special interference. 

    Thank you!!

    About the Creator: kjung1

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold