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    About Livestar! Love Live! English Cover Group! RECAST/Backup's

    Why are Livestar recasting?
    Unfortunately, our cast member for Honoka Kousaka could not find the time to record their lines to the best possible quality we strive here at Livestar! Due to this, they decided it was best they leave, so here we are! We are recasting to find a new Honoka Kousaka, and to hold back-ups incase any of our current members need to drop out too! 

    Preferred Candidate:
    Someone who can turn lines in on time. Deadlines usually last 2 weeks at a time for each song. Extensions can and will be made for those who cannot meet the deadline, but I expect lines not to be VERY overdue.
    Someone who enjoys the Love Live series, or are willing to try and get a grasp on the anime/game to understand the music/translyrics this group will produce!
    Someone who is willing to meet and work with a variety of people within our group!

    - You are welcome to audition for Honoka, and a back-up :D 
    - A clear microphone is a MUST; no it does not need to be an expensive microphone, but clear recordings with little to no background noise are expected. We strive for the best quality in Livestar, so please keep that in mind ^.^
    - I would prefer these voices to sound natural, so please do not make these auditions sound forced. If you can do an impression, and it sounds natural, by all means go right ahead!
    - The ability to do harmonies is preferred,  but guides will be provided.
    -If you would like feedback on your audition, please just comment, and I will try my best to get back to you with some constructive criticism :D

    What if I am not chosen for Honoka? What if I audition for backup vocalists?
    If you are not chosen for Honoka, please do not fret! You are more than welcome to apply for backup vocalists!! These will step in if a cast member leaves/cannot make the deadline due to personal reasons/illness etc.

    If you apply for back-up vocalists, please state underneath in the comments/before your audition, who it is you are applying to be a backup for, this can be a singular person, or multiple. If i like your voice, or think you'd make a perfect audition to the backup team, I will contact you regarding information.

    Our Current Cast:
    Chika Takami - B
    • Kotori Minami / Ruby Kurosawa - Wooly
    • Umi Sonoda / Yoshiko "Yohane" Tsushima - Denise Joan
    • Rin Hoshizora / Dia Kurosawa - ShaYume
    • Hanayo Koizumi / Hanamaru Kunikida - Emisen
    • Maki Nishikino / You Watanabe - Bananabear
    • Nico Yazawa / Kanan Matsuura - CurePlum
    • Eli Ayase / Riko Sakurauchi - bblackroses
    • Nozomi Tojo / Mari Ohara - Bri/Risa

    Not much of a vocalist? Apply for staff!
    Our group is full of talented vocalists and staff, and we would love to add to them! If you enjoy mixing/mastering, creating off vocals/instrumentals, video editing, or are an artist, please feel free to contact me via Private Message, and I will give you information for other means of contact. 


    About the Creator: Lemmii

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold