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Fet Kun's Previously Completed Works

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    About Little Witch Academia

    Little Witch Academia Episode One UNOFFICIAL English FanDub:

    Hi. I am an experienced voice actor and fandub producer, and have created countless projects for nearly 15 years now.

    Much like many of my other projects, this one will have voice talent and a soundtrack that will rival professional studios, and with no official ENGLISH dub in existence for this franchise, the goal is to fill that gap.

    A professional script writer has been brought in as well for this project. Like all of my projects, this will be held to a strict schedule, and is set to be released by September 2015, just before the release of the second episode in Japan.


     I have pretty much abandoned the idea of utilizing accents for the project, as there are not enough auditions well suited for this type of direction. It was a neat idea, but does not appear practical at this time. If you had auditioned only utilizing an accent, and wish to audition again without use of one, please reupload!

    ........::::: PROOF OF CONCEPT VIDEO ::::::::..........

    Above is a video, which samples just a bit of the current progress done on this animation. The voices are muted, and SFX replaced and adjusted, while maintaining the music flawlessly.


    Either submit auditions here on BTVA, or;
    Send all auditions to [redacted]
    SUBJECT: Little Witch Academia Audition

    General Information:
    This project will be run very strictly, so please understand that I do not tolerate VAs being late with their lines. I have, and will recast those that fall behind, so that the project at hand may be completed in a timely manner. If you think there is a chance that you cannot commit to a deadline, it might be best to not audition.

    The fandub is utilizing a 1080p Blu Ray version of the episode, and will look and sound amazing!

    Recording Quality And Naming Structure For Audition Lines:
    -High Quality 44100khz 16-bit 320kbps MP3
    -Clean and free of background noise etc.
    -Name files similar to: CharacterName_Line#.mp3

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold