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About Light's Champions - A Warcraft Machinima

Light's Champions is a large-scale machinima set in the Warcraft universe. The film is around 110-120 minutes long and will be split up into six episodes, roughly 15-20 minutes each and released once per week. The film follows two different groups, on the icy continent of Northrend during the war against the Lich King, and features plenty of character development, action scenes, drama, and references to in-game lore. I have been working on it since january 2015 and the final release date is not set, though it's planned between june and october.

Voice acting information

You need to have a good quality mic, with little to no background noise, that is my most important requirement. There will also be a few very minor characters that I want the casted actors to voice act aswell, as they have too few lines to justify giving them their own voice actors. It is of course possible for one voice actor to have multiple roles, though the voices need to be distinct enough for me to accept it.

I will send the script for each episode individually. When the lines for one episode have been recorded, I will send you the script for the next episode, and the next script will come when you've recorded that episode, and so on.

As the Warcraft universe features a lot of races, with very varying life spans, I will say in each character description what age they would be as if they were human. As they also have varying voice types, I will link examples of what each race sounds like.

During auditions: If a line is within parenthesis, that means another character is talking and serves only to give context. Don't record those lines. 

Payment information

As this is coming straight from my own bank account, I can't pay very much, but I feel it only right to at least give something in return for your work. All payments will be made through Paypal, and will be made when all episodes have been recorded, as I can't have anyone record half of the episodes and then ditch the project.

Warcraft information, for those unfamiliar with it

The Alliance and the Horde: Two factions of different races that have been at war with eachother ever since they first encountered eachother. Humans are dominant in the Alliance, and orcs are dominant in the Horde.

Northrend: The most northern continent of the world, consists mostly of ice and snow. The stronghold of the Lich King and his army of undead.

The Scourge: The undead that plague the land, the main enemy of the series.

The Lich King: Formerly a human prince, was corrupted during a journey to Northrend, and ultimately became the leader of the Scourge. An extremely powerful individual. Will have a few appearances.

The Light: A myserious and benevolent force in the universe. Paladins are wielders of the light, and it is best used to combat the undead and heal wounds.

Azeroth: The World

*UPDATE* Changed a few lines and added additional images for each character.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold