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Liellamod's Previously Completed Works

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    About Liella mod, Recast

    ---Project once again open!--

    This is being re-posted due to the fact that we seem to have lost contact with the voice actress who we previously cast for the role of Liella. We are therefore re-opening auditions for the role. Thank you!

    This mod adds a joinable NPC for Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition, Baldurs Gate 2 and Baldurs Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal. Liella is a human female bard of neutral evil alignment with very specific goals for joining the PC and his retinue (She will only join a male PC). She comes with an extensive, involving back-story, banters with every available NPC, a large number of her own banters and commentary, a plethora of unique cut scenes as well as an extensive set of Player-Initiated dialogue choices, area comments and quest interjections.

    This is a very ambitious project - the character's writing alone spans several hundred pages worth, at this stage more or less proofed, checked and optimized for flow. The character and her story was conceptualized by the two main writers of the mod - the goal was a "novel in game-form" (Think Planescape:Torment), and we feel this has been achieved to some degree.

    The mod itself is at this stage, almost finished. The code, dialogue, testing and debugging is wrapped up. What we need at this stage, before the release, is a voice actress(es) to lend her voice to the Mod. The preferred candidate would have a suitably flexible voice, somewhat high-pitched with a somewhat "standard" American -English accent and a pleasant lyrical quality if you consider yourself an apt singer, youd be perfect!

    Please do not apply unless interested and able to dedicate some time to it - this will be an ongoing project for the next few months, and unless we can get everything needed from one person we like, we're not going to use the voice recordings. Keep this in mind when applying - if you think you might be on hiatus for some time, please do not apply.

    * Lines voiced are flexible, though the more the person is able to voice, the better (of course). As a minimum, we would like to voice initiatory dialogue lines, command lines and initial comments on banters , interjections and flirts. This would come to a few hundred lines - quite extensive, but there's no real deadline.

    * Unlike other mods, the mod will be released for both the game and expansion at the same time - if you're a fan of the game series or familiar with them at all, that's a big bonus!

    * 18 years or older, of course.

    * Deadline is as soon as possible, but we understand if this ends up taking a while.

    * This is an indie mod, so payment is not really budgeted - but we are not discounting the possibility of a small payment when we're happy with the project. However, you should doing this for interest/credit/fun, NOT for payment as we cannot guarantee the size or delivery of the payment.

    These mods and this game does have a strong cult following, and upon finishing and inclusion of the material in the mod, you would be fully credited. Your voicing would be heard, and appreciated, by a large audience and the mod would be played potentially by tens of thousands of players over the coming years.

    We're also looking for a voice actress to lend her voice to a smaller role to the project - a Succubus. The number of lines for this role are limited and for this character we'd like a somewhat more mature-sounding actress able to pull off experience, poise and elegance.

    If you'd prefer to submit your lines via email, please compress your files into Mp3 and send them to the registered Gmail account.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

    --The LiellaMod Team.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold