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    About Lego Star Wars: Crimson Empire - Episode #1

    The Project:

    This project is a brand-new Lego stop-motion series I will be creating. It is an exact recreation of the Crimson Empire comic books from Dark Horse Comics in 1997-1998. I intend to recreate the entire Crimson Empire Saga which includes the 6 issues of Crimson Empire, Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil, the 6 issues of Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood, Hard Currency, The Third Time Pays For All and the 6 issues of Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost.

    The Plot:
    Following the death of Emperor Palpatine, former member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, Carnor Jax, becomes the new Dark Lord of the Imperials. He has anyone loyal to Palpatine killed, including his former friends in the Royal Guard. The only survivor of the Royal Guard, Kir Kanos, swore an oath to his friends in the Guard, that he would kill the traitor. This journey takes him to the planet Phaeda where he unintentionally aligns himself with member of the New Republic.
    The Dark Lord, Carnor Jax, begins a manhunt for Kir Kanos, leaving Phaeda’s Colonel Shev desperate to take him in.

    Other Details:
    It will take a while to complete the first episode as I do not yet have all the necessary figures, and because due to my current editing skills and equipment, it is rather difficult to animate a Star Wars project. Other than that, the script’s are done quite quickly, as they are exact recreations of the comic books, so there won’t be any waiting time on that.
    Just know, that if you do audition, most roles will be required to return for future episodes. The lead, Kir Kanos, and other main roles will be required to come back for future projects as well, as stated in “The Project” portion of this description.
    For all of the characters in this project, unless mentioned in the character description, accent isn’t an issue at all.

    Thank you for taking interest in this project. I look forward to creating this series, and I hope that you are looking forward to being a part of it as well.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold