Casting Call for Lego Batman Year One / Dc Movie Series

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    About Lego Batman Year One / DC Movie Series

    Lego Batman Year One is going to be a Full Stop Motion Movie posted on The Brennens World of Epicness Youtube Channel. I Have no Clue When it will be Done, But it will be Before then end of September 2016. This is a Dark and Serious Movie, Not a Fun Light Hearted one. I Looked at this Project as a Crime Drama, Rather than a Super Hero Movie. This is not a Direct Copy of The 1986 Comic by Frank Miller, But does Borrow Some Story Elements.

    Story; Bruce Wayne Returns to Gotham at age 24, in the Year 2000, He has Trained for Years and Craves a Chance to Fight Crime. Ozwald Cobblepot is Power Hungry, Wanting to Take over all of Gotham, by Destorying other Mobs. James Gordon got a Transfer to Gotham and is trying his best to Maintain a Family and Do his Job. This is The Story of a Man becoming a Legend, A Cop Fighting the Currupt and The Mob at War.


    Cast so Far:

    Batman / Bruce Wayne: Cloud5427

    Oswald Cobblepot:  Ryan-Mounfield

    Bane: Ryan-Mounfield

    Alfred Pennyworth: Isaacswinford

    So, A Few Roles have been Cast, (Batman, Bane, Penguin and Alfred). If You Auditioned for those Roles and Where not cast, Sorry Everyone Tried there best and did a Good job. It has Hard to pick from so many Good Auditions. James Gordon and Tracey are Still Up for Auditions. If You Auditioned for James Gordon or Tracey and have not been cast Yet, Don't Worry I loved both Auditions and I just want to Give Other People a Chance before I cast Them. I will give it about 1 More Day Until I cast those Roles. Thank You soo Much, This has been a Great Casting Call!

    There is alot of Lines, and is a Part of a Lego DC Movie Series, So Actors would have to be willing to come back for more : ).

    And By alot of Lines I Mean Alot of Lines. Soo Many Lines, So don't say I have not Warned you : )

    So, Lets get to it!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold