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About [League of Legends] Someone Call for Backup? Star Guardian 2017

Star Guardian Team 2, ready to roll!
Someone Call For Backup?
The Star Guardian Team grows as a new group of Guardians rise to heed the call! They've teamed up with Lux, Jinx, Lulu, Poppy, and Janna to create an unstoppable force of good to combat the evil monsters that threaten their city!

The First Star, the very beginning of all light and hope, grants Star Guardians the power to fight against all evil that may threaten the innocent. Now is the time for a new team to join the old, for both sets of Guardians to work together, and defeat evil once and for all!

The Magical Maelstrom
Syndra joined the Guardians reluctantly, but now commands her adorable orbs to destroy her foes! Even though her motives aren't all good, she'll do her best to protect the innocent!
Her familiar is the strange Multi, a collection of seemingly infinite orb-like creatures that love to hate!

The Stardust Shooter
To date the only boy to be a Guardian, Ezreal can channel massive amounts of energy through his gauntlet! A bit of a show-off, Ezreal is loving the new life being a Guardian entails.
His familiar is the gentle and collected Yuuto, a dragon-like feline that grants him wings when needed.

The Nine-tailed Nova
She's not sure what they're doing, but she's gonna do it! Heart before reason, magic before might!
Her familiar is Kiko, a three-tailed squirrel with lots of spunk!

The Astro Artillery
She's loaded with as many bullets as her enemies can take! Her twin guns, Sun and Moon, deal damage using magic stardust catrdiges!
Her familiars are Baki & Boki, twin revolvers that pack a lot of sass!

The Meteoric Medic
Using her special connection to the First Star, Soraka is able to channel healing energies straight to her teammates! Don't die, guys!
Her familiar is the overprotective Shisa, whose small size does not fit her aggressive nature.

Never let the light fade, and keep hope in your hearts!

About the Creator: Tri Voices

Hi, I'm Tri! I'm a guy living on the edge! Of voice acting. I like voice acting.

I enjoy music, video games (specifically MOBAs like League of Legends and Overwatch), and I love meeting new friends! Shoot me a message!

One of my core philosophies is that you can draw influence from any character's voice, no matter what gender or accent they have! You'll notice a lot of my work is based on female voices, while I am male myself. I feel like this gives me more flexibility in terms of how I manipulate my voice, while still being recognizable as both a male voice and a direct take on a female voice. I like to be versatile and to have fun!

I am the sound designer for the voicepacks in Skin+, and the official voice director for Ethereal: Clash of Souls from Undying Games.

Completed Skin Projects:
         K/DA Ahri
         K/DA Evelynn
         K/DA Akali

Another World
  • Arclight Vel'Koz
  • Deep Sea Nami
  • Program Soraka
The Dark Coven
         Coven Camille
         Coven Lissandra

Pool Party 2017
  1. Pool Party Zac
  2. Pool Party Leona
  3. Pool Party Lulu
         Arcade Ahri
         Battle Boss Ziggs
         Battle Boss Brand

ULTRACOMBO: Arcade 2019
          Arcade Caitlyn

Star Guardian 2016: Burning Bright
         Star Guardian Lux
         Star Guardian Janna
         Star Guardian Lulu
         Star Guardian Poppy

Star Guardian 2017: New Horizons
         Star Guardian Ezreal
         Star Guardian Soraka
         Star Guardian Syndra
         Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Emissaries of the Gods
          Frostblade Irelia
          Arclight Vayne

Cosmic Forces
         Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
         Dark Star Varus

         Dark Star Kha'Zix

         Dark Star Karma
         Dark Star Shaco

          Championship Ashe
          Challenger Ahri

         Victorious Orianna

Spooktacular 2017
          Ravenborn LeBlanc
          Shadowfire Kindred
          Headmistress Fiora
          Battlecast Kog'Maw
          Headhunter Caitlyn
          Bewitched Morgana
          Wild Card Shaco
          Infernal Mordekaiser
          Baker Pantheon
          Haunted Zyra

Immortal Journey
          Sacred Sword Janna
          Eternal Sword Master Yi
          Soaring Sword Fiora

Super Galaxy 2017: Attack! Defeat the Spider Queen!
          Super Galaxy Elise
          Super Galaxy Nidalee
          Super Galaxy Annie

Snowflake Special 2018: Freeze Out
          Winter Wonder Lulu
          Snow Day Syndra

Snowflake Special 2019: Curse of the Ice King
          Winter Wonder Soraka
          Winter Wonder Neeko

Lunar Revel 2018: The Royal Light
          Lunar Revel Caitlyn
          Lunar Revel Morgana
          Lunar Empress Lux

Lunar Revel 2019: Make a Bang
          Firecracker Vayne
          Lunar Wraith Sylas

          PROJECT: Jhin

          PROJECT: Katarina
          FIRST STRIKE
          PROJECT: Yasuo

Valentine's Day 2018: Metallic Heart
         Heartseeker Orianna

Valentine's Day 2019: Heartbreakers
         Heartpiercer Fiora

Blood Moon 2018: The Sanguine Child
         Blood Moon Diana

Blood Moon 2019: The Blood Moon's Descent
         Blood Moon Sivir
         Blood Moon Kalista

Dark Waters
          Dark Waters Vladimir

Lancer: A Path of Choice
         Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

April Fool's 2018: Fast Food Mayhem
         Pizza Delivery Sivir
         Kermit the Kench
         Danger Cat.exe

Order of the Lotus

The Conquerors
        Conqueror Varus
        Conqueror Karma

Pulsefire 2018
        Pulsefire Riven
        Pulsefire Shen

         Hextech Annie
        Hextech Alistar

Not the Bees!!!
         Beekeeper Singed

Patreon Rewards
          Arclight Yorick
          DJ Sona
          Popstar Ahri
          GGMF: Friendware Update
                   - Lady Scarlet
                   - C.H.A.N.D.R.A
                   - CODENAME: The Beast
                   - Her1tage

Dragon Sorceress Zyra
Sweetheart Lux
Dark Star Orianna
Senna, the Lantern's Light
Pentakill Kayle
Eternum Cassiopeia
Program Lissandra
Sandwraith Pyke

Other Projects
The Rift: League of Legends Podcast (feat. Maya)
Cream & Sugar: Coffee House AU Game (SFX & Music)

Surgeon Darius
Lunar Wraith Fiora
Soulstealer Evelynn

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