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    About "Kokosake: The Anthem of the Heart" Fandub - Singer and Actors Needed!

    Hey all! This is Jordan from Silhouetted Productions – you may know me from my previous dub, Animal Crossing: The Movie. I’m at it again, and I’m looking for a group of talented actors and singers to round out my newest project: Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (also known as Kokosake for short) or ‘The Anthem of the Heart.’ This movie is by the makers of Anohana, released in Japan late last year and just popped out on Bluray a few months ago. My songwriter and I have been hard at work on an English script and lyrics ever since!

    This film is a drama centered around a school musical. After being cursed as a young girl to be in immense pain any time she speaks, Jun must learn other ways to communicate when she is randomly selected to be on a high school committee in charge of entertaining the community-at-large for one evening. This story is about friendship, love, anxiety and expressing yourself through song. It’s a touching and heartbreaking story, rounded out with fun and likable characters and catchy famous pieces of music with re-worked lyrics. It’s much more serious in tone than my last dub, but also a step up all around in terms of difficulty, emotion and impact. I’m excited to put all of us to the test!

    The tentative deadline for auditions is July 11th, but I can extend this if I still need more time to hunt for the right singer or actor. You can absolutely audition (and potentially be cast as) more than one character. In fact, this movie is about the class as a whole, so there are about 16+ minor recurring classmates that need to be voiced across multiple scenes, as well as a whole singing ensemble that will need to be cast – and that’s not counting one-off extras that have one or two lines in the background here and there. Even if you don’t get the role you were going for, there is a chance that you will be cast somewhere in the project!

    Please keep in mind that you may audition for just the speaking voice or just the singing voice of a character that sings – you do not need to audition for both. A heads up, however - voice actors who audition for both may be more likely to have a higher consideration for that character for voice consistency purposes.

    Just one last note – In general, I like to credit with full names for a more professional aesthetic. If you are cast and don’t wish to go by your real name, please provide a pseudonym you’d like to be credited under. I don’t blame you! I use a pseudonym!

    Thanks so much and happy auditioning!
    (Please note: this film contains infrequent strong language.)

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