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About Kitten adventures in city park

This is a little game about a kitten in the genre quest.

I have a problem. We tried to voice this game ourselves, but we got a lot of negative feedback about the voice acting. English is not my native language. My friend advised me to write to this site.

Description of the game

It's hard to be a kitten if you have such a clumsy owner! Yesterday she lost a lot of things in the park and now it's up to you to find them!

Memories of that day can be helpful – you should remember where have you seen that thing last and search there. And finally you can climb up a tree and ask a big cat for a hint – you will see all the events of that day again.

But sometimes it's not enough to just find a lost thing. Some residents of the park may already be using it, like mice or ants. In that case you may have to bring them something in exchange for a lost thing – only then you will get it back.

This game will be free, or almost free.

I'll be glad if there are volunteers for the voice acting of this game. But we can discuss the revenue share by agreement.  

I'm an independent developer. I can release this game anytime I want it. But I hope that the voice-over of the game will not last longer than a month. But I can wait more if it is required.

(With my voice in Russian)