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    About Kirby of the Stars: The After Story Reading (Casting Call #1)

    Kirby of the Stars: The After Story, written by Leer Justice, is a Kirby fanfiction that blends the Kirby of the Stars anime and the Kirby video games together. Taking place after the events of the Kirby anime, The After Story is essentially a series of story arcs that are in many ways novelizations of the various Kirby games; however, each story arc is expanded and altered significantly to provide justifications for different parts of the story, as well as provide a larger amount of characterization.

    The story can be found here:

    In September 2016, the author announced that she would be rewriting the entire story from scratch to improve its readability; so to celebrate the rewrite (and because I really like this story), I have decided to head up a fully voice-acted reading of the rewritten version of The After Story for YouTube!

    This casting call is for major characters that first appear at some point during the first three arcs of The After Story: Kirby’s Dream Land 2, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. There will be casting calls made for major characters from later arcs as time goes on, and once the new chapters are released, I will be making plenty of audition pages for minor and extra roles that appear in each chapter. Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of experience, and I'll accept just about any audition as long as you follow the rules. If I end up getting a very large number of auditions, I'll have no choice but to start picking favorites, but otherwise my goal is to spread the roles out over as many people that want one as possible.

    Rules: be clear; be available; be invested.

    - Be clear. Speak in a clear enough voice, using a decent enough microphone in a quiet enough environment, to be understandable. If you don't know how to filter background noise out of your audio files, leave a couple seconds' pause before or after speaking your lines and I can take care of it.

    - Be available. Most of the characters listed here make other appearances outside of the arc they first appear in; so if I cast you for a role, you should be prepared to reprise that role when necessary. I will contact you if your role shows up in a particular chapter, and I would appreciate if you could get your lines recorded and sent as quickly as you can.

    - Be invested. Don't just read; act! Imagine yourself as the character in the situation described and have fun playing them. That's ultimately what this is all about.


    - It is recommended that you have (at the very least) a small amount of knowledge about the Kirby anime, if you haven’t seen it before. There is an entry for the anime on Wikipedia, and plenty of pages on characters, episodes, etc. on Kirby Wiki. Also, practically all the episodes are on YouTube in Japanese and English if you’d like to watch them.

    - Each role will state the arc that it first appears in. Roles in earlier arcs need to be cast and completed earlier.

    - Roles that originated in the anime have their Japanese names, while all other roles have English names.

    - For certain characters from the games, suggestions of voices to aim for are included in the descriptions. While you can feel free to directly imitate these voices, I would like to explicitly state that the voices mentioned for these characters are suggestions only, and that there is just as much flexibility allowed for these characters as any others.

    - Similarly, I’m not looking for direct imitations of voices from the English or Japanese versions of the anime where anime characters are concerned.

    - This project is not strictly one role per person; however, people who have not yet gotten a role that want one will be given priority over people who have already had one.

    - The first chapter of the rewritten version will hopefully be released sometime in February 2017, so casting will start on January 15th, 2017. Feel free to audition for any role or as many roles as you like until then. After that, roles will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

    If you have any further questions, contact me via PM. Thanks, and have fun!

    Oh, and one more thing. If you've read the original version of The After Story (or know enough information about the games covered in this casting call) and want to audition for roles that are spoilers, check out this extra casting call here:

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