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    About Keeper of the Lost Cities Comic Dubs Final Call

    Project Description

    I make comic dubs for my favorite book series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and I will be doing that for the first seven chapters of the first book, and every first chapter of the rest of the series. So far there are seven books, and the eighth one is coming out this November. There will be a ninth one. I've been working on this project since last summer, but throughout my senior year I hadn't been drawing much. I'm in search of someone who can possibly take over drawing the comics, but I will most likely end up drawing them out on paper, and digitally tracing them. I'm not expecting many artists to hand their talent over for free, but if you do, I would give you 2-4 weeks to draw each comic, and give very clear credit to the artist of the comics in each video.

    The series is about a young girl, 12 years old when the story takes off, who became telepathic at the age of 5. One day when she's on a school field trip, she meets someone who is also telepathic, and he tells her that they're not actually human, they're elves. He brings her to a perfect world of fairy tale creatures and places, and she has to adapt to her new life while solving the mystery of who she is and why she was living with humans. What her purpose is. 

    Other Info

    Drawing takes a lot of time for me, so I'm casting in advance, but I can always request lines in advance if you do not want to be a part of this project for as long as it will take (I'm anticipating a few years, I've already been doing it for a year and I'm only on the third chapter, plus I did another scene from the seventh book). You may give me the lines sooner than I need them, but just keep in mind it may be awhile before I actually publish the video they'll be a part of.

    The first video I made is here:


    This is the latest one:


    (You can see the improvement I'm sure)

    I'd prefer if you have a discord and are open to joining a discord server. If not that's okay, I mostly care about getting the right voices, but it's easier for me to manage all the actors on one server.

    Also, I encourage you to try as many of the roles as you feel you're capable or comfortable to do. I might not think your voice fits for the character you do audition for, but I might think it totally fits for a different character. It's hard to know if your voice might fit another character when you're not voicing the other character. And it always saddens me because someone might submit a really good audition, but I don't think their voice fits that character. Also, since many of these characters are minor, I might double cast someone if they can change their voice enough for multiple characters.

    For the art casting call, here is a link to my deviantart where you can find all the comics I've drawn for this series listed under "KotLC Art and Comics" :


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold