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    About **HANAYO/RUBY RECAST + STAFF AND BACKUPS** [JPN] Espoir, one step away from the stars - a Love Live! -3 semitones cover group

    · Hello, everyone! And welcome to "Espoir, one step away from the stars". ·

      → What is Espoir exactly?

    Espoir (=hope in french), is a Love Live! cover group, meaning it'll cover songs from µ's and Aqours, as well as the sub-units songs, solo, trios and duets from both groups. It'll be composed of 9 members, which means one singer will sing the parts of two characters :

    Honk/Chika (self-casted)





    Maki/Yoshi- *hum hum* Yohane

    Eli/Dia (Hibiki/Beth F)



      → But how is it different from any other cover group?

    Well, my friend, this is the fun part. Espoir will cover songs from µ's and Aqours BUT lower versions of their songs. Basically, we'll lower the instrumental's pitch (by -3 semitones exactly)! Why, you ask? Because I've always wanted to see what the songs would look like with a lower pitch, and I think it sounds pretty damn amazing, so I want to share my "discovery" with everyone by creating a cover group~

      → And... How will it be organised?

    We'll all have our own OC, and you will be singing the parts of the members you were casted for. The OCs will be represented by sprite edits and will all have their own color (It doesn't have to be the color of the girl you were casted for, for exemple, I'm Chika and Honoka and my color is yellow). The video editing style would be Color Coded for the 9 members songs and something a bit more complex for 3 or lower members songs.

      → So... How do I get in?

    Well, there are a few requirements. You must have discord, be able to meet the deadlines (3 to 4 weeks for each cover), have a decent mic and be nice to everyone. Also, you don't need to sound like any of the Love Live! girls, please audition with your natural voice!

      → Our debut song?

    We will debut with a re-arranged version of MIRAI TICKET (this way, each member will have a small solo), you will audition on this song. Here are the instrumental and the color coded. 

    → The deadline?

    For now, I'll set it to one month, after that, I'll cast singers for most roles... But if I can't find any singer that satisfies me for certains roles, I'll push the deadline! 

    Have fun~♥︎


    P.S. : I'm sorry if sometimes what I say sounds weird, english isn't my native language ^-^''

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold