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Hello and thank you for visiting our page! You can call me Host for this project. I voice Es as well as take care of lyrics, vocal arrangement, video editing, art(along with @KumoriShouhei), tuning, timing & mixing. I am extremely tired.

12 Below is a Milgram English Fandub Project that covers both the official material as well as our own fan made content. We are a blend of professional and absolute chaos.

What Host is looking for

Staff to help me provide material for 12 Below.
For those who are unfamiliar Milgram is an audio drama x music video series that follows 10 prisoners in a mystic prison. As the story progresses we find out more about crimes and they are voted guilty or innocent.
We have made quite a bit of progress since starting having recorded some material from Trials, Trailers, Songs, Minigrams & our fan content Shenanigrams. We just need to polish a few things before we can start to release content.