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    About J - STARS VICTORY VS : English Dub Casting - Wave 1 & 2

    Hello EVERYONE!


    As you can see from the title, me and another fellow VA are going to Dub J- Stars. Not the whole game, At least I don't think XD. So far, we will be working on the introduction and victory lines for every character. We are also doing Finishing Moves/Ultimates.  It's not decided yet, but we might go for some roles as well. If we do, please feel free to give feedback to us. We also want to be part of this XD.


    Have good Mic Quality. 

    This is very important for this project. We can't have any background noise at all. 

    Be prepared to scream 

    As you know when it comes to the Ultimates some characters have to scream for example Naruto, Goku, Vegeta, etc. So, don't be afraid to scream while doing some lines. I will let you know which lines need screaming for each role. Also, when trying for a character, Try to go for something within you voice range.

    Have Fun! 

    Even though this is a serious project, You can still have fun with some of the lines, Especially for goofy characters like LuckyMan. 

    Must have emotion (This is literally the only thing I have to say about this XD) 

    Now that those are taken care of, MAY THE AUDITIONS BEGIN! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONS!!! As for us, we hope you like our auditions if we do decide to Audition for anyone. 

    Remember, This is only Wave 1! More Characters will arrive in Wave 2. So, please refrain from asking why a certain character isn't on here. However, I'll put 1 or 2 more characters on this wave after this is put up. 

    UPDATE! 9/30/15

    Im adding on Wave 2 to this list! Ive decided to add on the characters for Wave 2 on this list so it would be easier. 

    Also, Support Characters will be available soon. Im also in progress of making a trailer for this project also ^~^ 

    Which will feature some of your voices too! Once its done I'll cast the following voice actors that were included on the trailer.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold