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Grayson Micaela's Previously Completed Works

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About In-the-works Collaborative Musical

A new in-the-works collaborative musical, set in a high school setting, 5 everyday students and a handful of teachers and adults showcase the truth that is living with mental health issues in a modern day world.  From heartbreaks, to first rejection, even first day jitters. Through the first week of school, to the opening night of the high school's new musical, the students and the adults, face their fears, battle their demons and find out exactly what it means to be human, even if it is not how the media portrays it. 

This psychological drama musical's primary aim is to showcase how people tackle mental health every day. Just with a couple of show-stopping musical numbers, authentic characters and a plot that is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. 

This is a collaborative musical, built from the ground up. The only requirement is that you have a discord, so that collaboration can happen in one central location. Bring your creativity, your own insight, your passions to the project family! Come build a world of musical acceptance with us. 

I am looking to have this musical shown around Texas and hopefully picked up for performance eventually. If it becomes a thing, money will be talked about. But for now, just creating the musical itself for creativity, light on the mental health awareness world and passion. 

About the Creator: GraysonMicaela

Hi! My name is Grayson Micaela and I am a multi-faceted performer, who has been in love with the stage and all things art since I could walk. My brand is "The Renaissance Girl"- I have always loved the idea of being a person that could handle anything/do anything. Creating and running businesses is my passion. I love being positive, going to concerts, meeting new friends, learning new languages, doing art and simply existing. It is very nice to meet you. :)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold