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Superwisemon's Previously Completed Works

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    About If I Hold Up The Sky - An Original Audio Drama

    If I Hold Up The Sky is an original audio drama based around a group of five main characters uncovering the secrets of their own leader and the world around them, as well as learning more about themselves in the process. Set in the fantasy world of Merta, the story is a character study involving subjects like suicide, mental illness and depression. There will also be some occasional cursing and coarse language. I am prepared to label this as a 15+ rating, and I recommend caution if you are triggered by such subjects. 

    I plan to make this project into a one time only film length audio drama. This could change depending on fan reception and any access to artists. Currently, I am the only person working on the project. I have finished around 20% of the script, which is currently at 60 lines. I will have finished the script by the audition deadline, and I estimate the script to be of around 300-400 lines long. To put this into perspective, a 20 minute episode of a general audio drama will tend to consist of around 200 lines. If I am for some reason not finished with the script, or the script becomes longer then estimated, I will lengthen the deadline and update this project accordingly.

    Personally, I am by trade an aspiring voice actor such as yourselves. As a voice actor, I believe I have written a cast of characters who'll be exceedingly fun to act out and who'll really help show off your talents.

    Many story beats and character quirks will be detailed within their respective description boxes, so please read those before auditioning for your desired character.

    This will be entirely non-pay, be it earnings or budget. Also, I cannot promise any visual portions due to a lack of artist. If any artist is interested in helping out with backgrounds/character sprites, this would be greatly appreciated and improve the quality of this project greatly. The project will initially be uploaded onto soundcloud, then a video version will be produced for youtube. It will also be put onto tumblr.

    If you have any questions, please do not fret to ask down below.

    I hope to make something to be proud of here, so please try your best! I can't wait to here all of you guys' auditions!

    Here is a link to a much easier to read list of character bios: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PV2VoXlxRzNGKcBNTeIV7Mqz_NENxZFEWlRm3Jk7M-g/edit


    Alecto - Ah-Leck-Toe

    Kain - Kay-n (like pain)

    Iris - Eye-Ris

    Undine - Une-Dean (une as in dune and dean as in a college dean)

    Liana - Lee-Ah-Nah

    Menae - Me-Nay

    Kaiten - Kai-Ten (kinda self explanatory)

    Merta - Mer-Tah

    Blague - (um. Plague but with a B? I can't lay that out into sounds)

    About the Creator: superwisemon


    I'm an English voice actor, or at least, aspiring to be one! I've worked on a bunch of commercial and character projects, some paid, and some unpaid, and this has been both my job and hobby for a few years now, I'm incredibly passionate about my work, and while it's hard to juggle commitments to college, part time work, VA as a job, and VA as a hobby, I do my best to get through everything. Thanks for reading!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold