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Adachi's Previously Completed Works

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    About [email protected] - READY!!

    *I am not that familar with CCC yet so I may not check in as often as I do on BTVA*

    * You do not have to know every song or every single thing from [redacted]. If you really can't sing your second line you can choose to use a different song of your choice or another part of READY!!*

    *Not all idols will be in the final product. For this one I'm only picking the five auditions I think were best according to quality and character. Other idols may be in future projects*

    *You don't have to audition directly to the outline, you can sing more of the song if you're comfortable*


    I love the [redacted] games and series but only found Love Live projects here so I decided to start my own and I'm giving it my best shot! Maybe I might even do the animation fandubbed maybe!

    I'm probably gonna start out with a song 5 idols but the hard part would be choosing my idols. If more projects like this come I may have a whole chorus for multiple songs, but we'll see how this goes first. If you do get casted, you will definitely have a spot saved for other projects if you want.

    I might self cast but if this does go on I might not be in some songs to be fair. I'm also going to put up all idols (excluding Kotori, sowwy :() up to audition. For this project specifically I'll be picking 5 idols to perform READY!!! since its an easy song and popular too. Those casted will decide if they would cover the TV size or full.

    This will be posted on my YouTube channel (I don't have anything up yet so I don't really need to put the link yet) and it may be with an [redacted] video or just a picture.

    I'm also a beginner-ish (maybe more?) mixer but I believe I can get the job done!

    Deadline may extend if needed to.

    I also have not decided whether this will be in English or Japanese. (Likely Japanese but I may make English lyrics)


    If you have any questions, please ask! ---> I can't read your mind so if you are unsure about anything please ask!

    If you have been casted I would need to have a way to contact you! ---> I would prefer if I received your email. I can PM it to me or send me an email stating who you are and your character. I will also send a copy of the final audio and video if you like.

    Please have a decent microphone! --> It doesn't have to be flawless but the chances of ne picking you would be higher if I can hear you well.

    Try to stick to your character! ---> This is one thing that makes any idol unique. If you can't perfectly match an idol, I won't get angry because it's totally fine but if you could that be awesome!

    Know the songs! ---> There are many [redacted] songs and the better you know them the easier this will be for everyone

    HAVE FUN!!!! ---> This project is so I can meet Aidoru fans such as myself. Put emotion and expression into it can don't hurt yourself XP Don't push yourself too hard!

    I may edit the descriptions but I'll make a note when I do!

    ( This will be based on the second [redacted] game)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold