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Jezzarat's Previously Completed Works

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    There isn't really a deadline for this as such, but I really need someone to join me as my close friend in finally making my dream come true of turning my lyrics/singing into actual songs with music to them! I have lots of songs, and I feel they could get somewhere on Youtube if published, so I'm offering some stranger to join my journey to getting noticed through composing the song to my singing! ^^ If interested please put audition as maybe a piece of your music work, or privatly note me for my email or skype, then we can get more personal, giving you me singing for you to actually work with. I'd love to hear your music experience though, I do want a good composer. You will end up working with me on quite a few songs, or just one or two of your favourites depending on if you wanna stay helping, or just help a little leaving oppertunity for other people to compose with me also... All depends if you decide it's worth sticking around for notices. ;) The video above is for now just an old singing of me to the MLP song Smile, and a link to a very quiet singing of me doing 'The Dragonborn comes'. I will re-edit this with a very recent singing of me, soon as my friend finished the picture to go with the Youtube video. ^^ (First role of music to compose will possibly be for my MLP Fan audio The Beast Within song called United, but depends if you into that fandom, or wanna hear my other songs...)


    About the Creator: jezzarat

    Hi there! I am a very serious Voice Actress that is always looking out for a new voice role. It started off a bit of fun, a little hobby, but now I just have such a thrill for it, and love to voice act with all my heart, so check for new voice roles daily, coming upon this site, which will hopefully be the goal to my lifes ambition... To get noticed enough in time to one day get into a CGI kids film, or voice a rememberable character from a kids show like MLP, but not MLP of course! ^^ I mostly voice MLP, and can impersonate a lot of characters, discovering new ones as people request me to try. I've improved my acting over time, and will hopefully just continue to improve, and get my voice out there! :D I also love to sing. I write my own lyrics too. Only problem is I someone to compose music for me one day... Till then it will just be my lyrics and singing! :) So yeah, always up to voice, and always up to sing! That is all! :D

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold