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About Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation Abridged

I'm making an abridged version of the Neptunia anime! It doesn't matter if you're a Guy or a Girl for each of the voices, act your heart out! I will encorage everybody to audition for every character, that is if you're up for it. (If you audition for every role, there's a higher chance that you'll get in) And only every character from episode 1 is listed here, other characters will be posted at a later date, so stay tuned. I will play the part of a character, I just don't know who (I'll choose at the end of the deadline) That deadline is also in March of 2016, because I'll be having a 2-month Hiatus period after Christmas, and I don't want to stall it as soon as the deadline hits. And I also might need a video edtor, if no one auditions for the role, I'll do it. But I would really appreciate if someone could do this for me, because I'll be pretty busy with real life.

Now that that's said, here are a couple rules:

1: Your mic must be good quality. Try to keep any background noise away, and use a noise reduction to get rid of any static.

2: Do multiple takes for each line (optional). This will help you get a feel for the character, and it will help both of us to see what I'm going for.

3: have confidence. If you're coming in late, like right before the deadline late. There will of course be some VERY talented people auditioning. If you try your hardest (and maybe audition for every character) You'll have a high probability of getting in.

4: Be commited. If you're auditioning for a role, you're going to have that role for a long time, and I'd really hate to re-cast a character because you dropped out. (even though I know that sometimes it can't be helped)

5: Have fun. Seriously guys, this is an abridged series, if you're not having fun voicing these lines, then you're doing it wrong. Plutia will not accept you if you don't have fun with these roles.

Now that those rules are established, I wish everyone the best of luck, and if you're auditioning in January and February, I'll listen to them as soon as I'm able to in March.

I'm also going to post some sample auditions voiced by me so that the you can see what I'm going for if you're a guy auditioning.

Also, this project is up on BTVA. So if some characters don't get cast here, they got cast over there.

Edit, 11/19/15: Rei Ryghts, Arfoire, and Pirachu/Warechu added.

Edit, 11/20/15: Rei Ryghts Line 2 slightly modified.

Edit, 12/8/15: Every other character added. Neptune's voice description slightly modified.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold