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    About How is my Voice Acting?

    PLEASE HAVE AN EMAIL ON YOUR PROFILE IF YOU WANT TO BE GIVEN FEEDBACK. IT'S POINTLESS IF OTHERWISE. You know... Unless this site has a hidden pm system I've yet to see. 

    Interested in honing your skills as an actor? Tried out for countless projects and not selected? Looking to change all that and become better? Then "audition" here! 

    I've come to fill in the gaps between beginner and intermediate voice actors. I'm certainly no professional myself, but I've always been interested in seeing how casting calls, or auditions go. Unfortunately some don't explain why it is they don't select some voices. You could be doing a really amazing job at the  part and not even be told "We selected guy B because his voices matched what we had in mind for him"

    Constructive critism is crutial to an artist. Voice acting is an art, and I intend to preserve it as such. Give your best shot at this and I'll give you feedback on how you did! 

    ***No members will actually be casted for a project. I do intend on selecting who did the best for that character, but all you'll gain by auditioning here is feedback for how you did. Please give it a few days if your audition isn't given feedback, as I'm only one person, but I do encourage the fellow community to also give feedback. 

    If voice acting is important to you, then please do help others grow as well!

    Also I do intend on adding more parts to "audition" on in the future. Please do come back if you don't see anything within your acting range. 

    Different Tiers:

    Tier S would be you were phenominal. You've not only made the character your own, but you've also made it a very believable that you actually are that character. To strive for this, you absolutly must have a feel for the character and practically be him while auditioning.

    Tier A would probably be one of the people that the person would absolutely know would be great for the character. 

    Tier B would be a person that's got good enough talent, but either doesn't quite fit the character from how he or she was imagined on some level, or simply would need some directioning before taking on the role.

    Tier C is someone who didn't do a bad job, but missed some marks here or there on crutial things the scouter was looking for. This doesn't mean you can't get the part though. You'd need a some influence on how he could fit you into that character though if he was going to choose you.

    Tier D isn't bad either. It just means you aren't the voice that the person was looking for. Be it you simply weren't trying hard enough, hadn't had the knowledge on how to show your voice that way, or you simply don't have that voice.

    Tier F is I think is a literal failure to try. Voice acting isn't like sports. You can't try your hardest and do terrible. As long as you put some effort in, it'll always show. But for this, you just goofed off. There's no reason you should be auditioning if you did this. 

    About the Creator: blink

    Just a new, young, aspiring voice actor who's always looking for a new thing to do!

    Don't be afraid to send me a message or ask me for help. I'll always be there to aid ~

    If I can at least.

    My email is [redacted]. If you're interested in my voice, give me a message.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold