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About Hope In Friends: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Comic Dub Project

Sypnosis: Neon, a former human, now Pikachu stuck in the Pokemon world, must find his way back home, while making new friends along the way, whether he wants it or not. trying to fit in this strange new environment.

WARNING: Future chapters may contain adult language, swearing, and violence.

Alright, so as I want to expand to other series, I thought of launching this as kind of a side-project or experiment to host this series, with permission and approval from the original creator, Tony, aka Zander-the-Artist. I'm hoping that it would go smoothly and well, though as of now, starting with the first chapter, I would need to cast and participation to those interested~

But firstly, I recommend you read the original comic first that way you could understand how the context goes and know how the character should act. 

You could read the comic here for basis, and check the original creator out to support!~:

Rules are the same...~ ^^;

Recommended Requirements: 

1. Make sure your mic has little to no background noise.

2. Voice must be clear and audible and at least natural or believable.

3. Put effort into the character you're voicing. Be like that character, have feeling.

4. Make sure that if you were being casted, be attentive on calls and stay in touch.

5. Feel free to try out different tones, accents, timbres, etc. on how you interpret the character.

6. Have at least a Discord account and let me know through comment or message that way it'd be easy once I get casted since the dub will be hosted on my Discord server. Those who will be casted will receive a message in either here of their account for a special invite.

I hope you'll do your best and I wish ya luck!~ And I'm hoping this project would do just as great as my other...~

And note that this auditions are from starting from Chapter 1. To those who don't manage to get a part, don't worry... more characters will be up and available to be open for audition next chapter~ so there's another chance~ If you have any questions, let me know.

In the meantime, check out the coolly Riolu, Zander and his work!~

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold