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About Honeyworks - 今好きになる (Ima suki ni naru) Cover


My short bio:

I'm a musician who's been playing for the electric guitar for about a year now and I have been covering songs in the past mostly from vocaloids and Japanese rock. I picked up the acoustic and bass awhile back and I'm beginning to use them for my covers! I use covers to judge my overall progress in how I play and it has definitely help me learn how I sound like and how to improve as a whole. Once I get a midi keyboard and a electric drum set, I plan on doing a full solo band on covers and the only thing I would need is to find a vocalist for every cover I do! I have never collaborated with any musicians so I think this would be a great and fun opportunity for me!


Here's a link to my Youtube video page

The format of the cover will be laid out how you see my past covers. I'll be recording all of my parts in addition to the video (I feel like seeing someone play/sing is really cool). You will NOT have to record yourself on video, but if you would like, that'd be wonderful! You can also disguise yourself if you want to(face mask, costume, etc), in order to record and disguise yourself!

I was gonna cover this song with another vocalist cover, but I wanted to see if I can collaborate with actual vocalist instead! This is a cover absolutely for fun, however, I ask that you have a good microphone. What is classified as good? Well I'm no expert on microphones considering I've only owned two (blue yeti and MXL V67G), but the lowest tier of microphones would probably be a blue yeti snowball ($50). If your not sure, I ask that you audition anyways along with a description of your recording setup (basically just tell me what microphone you have and how you record!).

My role in the song will be acoustic guitar, 3 electric guitars (one is for the riffs and solos because I don't have any midi pedals to change my tone on demand xD), and bass

The big goal for me is to learn how to EQ/Mix your vocals alongside my instruments so it's a great opportunity for me to try this! You will be given credit for your vocals of course!

I will be using the Off-Vocal track so we'll be playing over this (I'm gonna try my best to EQ the song so my instruments kicks through them, while trying to retain the original song quality as best as I can):

A cover example in japanese of this song:

The original song link:


The deadline is subjective and is just a date I chose. I ask that you prioritize your school, family, and personal life above this! I'm very understanding and will never push you to complete this project if you feel like your unable to for any reason.

Why am I covering this song?

Well, because it sounds good! On top of that, Honeyworks has always astounded me how their songs are so interacting and vivid. The guitars are so unique, creative, and not boring (their song called "Inokori Sensei" demonstrated this extremely well!). All of their other instruments are astounding too.

What I expect from you?

Whoa! That question sounds kind of scary, but do not worry! I expect you to have fun and I even encourage you to be CREATIVE! At one part of the song you felt it would be cool to hum in harmony for a cool background noise alongside your vocals? Go for it! Did you suddenly feel the groove of the song somewhere and decided it would be cool to add some "La la la" phrase? Go for it! This is all up to you of course ^_^.

If this audition fails, It's no worries, I will just have to default on covering the song over a vocalist who's already done the song!

Confused? Feel free to ask me questions!

About the Creator: junyoopai
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