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Black Rose Productions's Previously Completed Works

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    About Homestuck Voice Acting Group

    Hello and welcome to Black Rose Productions.  This project is going to be a series of YouTube Videos and streams directed by myself. There will be many different activities that take place such as;

    Comic Strips 
    Cards Against Humanity 
    Abridged Series 
    Roast Videos
    Rap Battles 
    Fanmade Songs
    And many more!

    I am very open to suggestions but there will be a few rules that need to be followed at all times. I will list those blow, so don't worry. They are very easy to follow.  All of the Trollians and Humans shall be casted and the goal is to get the voices as close to cannon as possible. Anyone is allowed to audition as long as they are over the age of fifteen. 

    I do not have anything against younger people but there will be some adult themed videos being produced and I do not feel comfortable with anyone below fourteen taking part in it. With that said, no one younger than fifteen will be excepted. I do not care what gender you are, please feel free to try out for any and as many roles as you would like.  Not only is this project to make good quality videos but to enjoy ourselves too. 

    《The YouTube Channel》

    The YouTube Channel shall be updated as often as possible but I will not slave you guys into making video after video. I believe the relaxing after work is also very important. One cannot be at their best without proper rest and relaxation. Remember to take care of yourselves.  The cast will be credited below in the description boxes with who played what role in making the video along with a link to your own personal YouTube page and or social media  page. 

    That is only if you give me permission and if you would like that. Will will never stick to one thing for too long, I promise you that. I know that doing one thing for a long period of time gets rather boring. These videos are for entertainment not to stress out my cast. That would defeat the purpose. 

    Secondly, no matter how popular are channels get, I do not want to see a single person ignoring or disrespecting any of our fans. If they message you, please try to message them back. They just want to be noticed and interact with us. With that being said, do not let them disrespect you either. I know that sometimes channels get hate but please just report their comment and or message. 

    Remember, you will be representing Black Rose Productions. At times things may get a bit hectic because there are so many casting members but if that happens and you get confused,  please contact me directly. 

    《What Will We Be Using For Communication?》

    For organizations and privacy purposes we will be using Discord. If you do not have one and you get a role then you are going to have to download it. Discord is very easy to set up and it is very organized. There is a personalized group that I have made for those who get the roles and I will send you a link if you are added. It will keep everyone up to date on what is going on. 


    1. Please have fun and enjoy yourselves but stay on task and do not have fun at other's expenses.
    2. Be respectful to other members. I will not tolerate bullying even in the slightest. A little friendly teasing is fine but don't take it too far. Everyone stands on equal ground.
    3. When I am giving information in the group, do NOT try and talk to others. Sit there and wait until I am done. 
    4. Do not post questions or concerns on the main group. Please contact me privately and I will see what I can do to fix whatever problem there is.
    5. Do not spam the group. You will be redirected but if it continues, you will be banned and I will find someone else for your role.
    6. Cursing is allowed but please do not use it to purposely do it to upset others.
    7. If being bullied by other members, I need to know IMMEDIATELY. Such things will not be tolerated. 
    8. If anything going on conflicts with what we have planned, please contact me. I need my team to be flexible but I, myself, am also very flexible. I understand that things pop up and you need to take care of them. I will not be upset in the slightest.
    9. Sexism nor racism will be tolerated. Do not use slurs unless everyone knows you are joking. 
    10. Please don't advertise in the group without my permission. 
    11. Please do not post anything that may be triggering to other members. (Rape, abuse, suicide,  etc.)
    12.  Have fun and get to know other members! 

    That is all and I wish you luck!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold