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About HERO NEEDED | Minecraft Roleplay Series


  1. Hi, there! My name is Kasha. I'm the main owner of JUNAI Productions. My team and I are working on a project called "The Golden Circle." After we kickstart that, we want to start with this roleplay. I feel as if this will be an easier project for us both and we're really excited. We can't wait to hear your auditions! Good luck!

  2. What is the plot about?
  3. Quinn Riley is a fugitive witch is running through the forest, being chased by a Shadow Hunter - witch hunters employed by the King - and as she runs into a Dark Knight there, who offers her protection in return for her healing services.

  4. How many episodes are we making? 
  5. I wish to have twenty to twenty-five episodes in one season, but I hope to have over one hundred episodes in the two to three seasons we make.

  6. What is the timeframe for when the series will be complete?
  7. Well, this is going to be a very long project so maybe a year or two. The first episode and trailer will probably be out as soon as I have voice actors. 

  8. Rules
  9. 1. Must be 12/13+ most of the characters are 15+ so I need them to sound mature and not like a child.
  10. 2. Must be committed. This is going to be a long project and I need you to be active.
  11. 3. You must have a mic and have no background noise.
  12. 4. Don't be rude to other people auditioning. I will delete your audition and you will not be picked.
  13. 5. If you're accepted, please be active on the discord or else you're going to get a warning.
  14. 6. If you can't turn your lines in for whatever reason, please tell me so I can have someone else do your lines for that week.
  15. 7. No spoilers to anyone out of the roleplay team or else you get kicked.
  16. 8. Please try not to spam auditions.
  17. 9. You are welcomed to try out for two characters; with different voices.
  18. 10. More characters will be added along the way.
  19. 11. If you wish to body act, you must have Minecraft.
  20. 12. Have fun!~

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold