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    About HAVOC (Main Female role and Minor female role needed)

    HAVOC is a horror drama sims 3 series about a young girl named Melanie Maverick. Three years after a horrible tragedy, Melanie now struggles to survive in what is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland of her town. Not only does she fight to survive with your typical flesh-eating zombies, (or in this case they're red-skinned mutated creatures that destroy anything in their path), but she also has to struggle to live with a toxic smug that covers her whole town, and the guilt based on the death of her own family. In this series, she meets many people throughout her journey, but it's up to fate on whether or not they stay with her, or if she's the one who ends up leaving.

    This story has been worked on for a year, so the Series might go on for 3 seasons. All characters for Season One have been filled except for 2 female roles. Once all roles are filled, scripts will be sent out and the first episode will be expected to go up by March 2016 but no later than June 2017. 

    Scripts will be sent out in order of who appears on what episode, and by the time 4 episodes are completed, series will start being uploaded on YouTube.

    Originally, both roles were already filled, but I had one person drop out and I was going to voice the female lead but decided it might be best if I just stick to writing the script.

    I had already posted a casting call for this project but with male characters.

    Rules For Auditioning:

    • -Clear Microphone, no static or background noises.

    • -Be committed and dedicated. I plan for this series to go on into the next year. I will need lines as soon as you can send them in, not months after I send out the script. I’ll also need to know if you can’t take part anymore or if you’ll be busy.

    • -This series will have mature content, such as profanity and also gore (it’s a post-apocalyptic series, what do you expect?). If you’re uncomfortable with mature themes, then please don’t audition.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold