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About Halo 5 Machinima - Defenders Of Kespon

This project will be 9 episode series. With 3 Seasons (3 episodes per season). 


It follows the journey of Velvet Team, a mismatched group of spartans who are given the task to travel to the planet Pel' Oros to help supress the terrorist group known as 'The Black Hornet Gang'. However whilst on corse to Pel' Oros, their Pelican is shot down by a mysterious vessel with a non covenant appearance and land on the planet Kespon. With the Black Hornet Gang not having access to ships and vessel, Velvet Team believes that they might be facing a new enemy. The team later discover an old ONI communication relay with secret documents and data preserved deep in the forgotten base. With no communication with the UNSC and their backs against the wall, how will they deal with their new found enemy. 


Dallas (Taken): The leader of Velvet Team. Wise and commanding, captain Dallas never lets anything slip under his radar. Willing to do anything for the safety and success of squad, how will he prevail against his new enemy. 

Borag: Straight talking and straight shooting. Borag is the definition of a "solider". he's fought in many wars and battles, even more than Dallas. When ever a problem arises in the group Borag always blames Striker, only told to calm down by Dallas moments later. Borag also seems to suffer from PTSD, however he only reveals this secretly away from the group. As he prefers his image of strength and brutality. 

Manx: The quietist one out of the group, Manx prefers to watch rather than say. However don't let his shy personality fool you, he got the best shot out of the whole team. His quiet behaviour put him on many solo missions in the past and was one of the UNSC's most reliable spartan. 

Striker (Taken): The rookie of the team, talks to much and dosen't get on good terms with Borag. Creating several arguments along the episodes. Striker is by far the youngest out for he group. However forms quite a close bond with Manx and really looks up to Dallas as an aspiring leader. 


In general, most of my inspiration comes from just watching other people's machinima's on youtube. While watching them it inspires me to create my own story and,  behold "Defenders Of Kespon". I also like watching a lot of films and love stylised camera shots rather than boring two-shots or medium shots. (not saying their bad, I just prefer to make each shot feel different.) This will allow my machinima to feel different to others as camera shots in my book come very close to the story itself and sometimes can even tell a story alone. 

How I Want Lines To Be Delivered

I would like all lines in .wav format as that is the prefered quality of audio. I would also like two takes of each line AT LEAST, more if you feel necessary or unless instructed too. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold