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    About Gwendy Doll Fan-Dubs

    Hello and thank you for interest in my project.  I am putting together fan voiced dubs of the Gwendy Doll scenes from the 1998 movie, Small Soldiers. 

    The Scene

    The basic plot summary for the scene:  There is a group of militarized action figures trying to complete their objective of destroying a group of monster toys.  They had built an army from a collection of modified Gwendy Dolls (a parody of Barbie), to capture and take their owner as a hostage to trade for the monster toys.  The focus of the scene is when the Gwendies owner Christy comes home, and the dolls take their owner by surprise and begin to tie her up.  Upon doing so, her boyfriend Brad hears her screams, rushes in and is swarmed by the dolls himself.  He bats them off and manages to escape, but leaves his girlfriend behind.  The owner's neighbor and love interest Alan finds out she is in trouble and comes to help successfully rescue her, breaking the dolls in the process.  You can view the original scene above with subtitles for the dolls.

    The Project

    I am looking to dub the scene above with new voices, as well as add in some new lines of dialogue.  This is one of my first attempts at dubbing, and I am using this chance to better my skills at video and audio editing as well as directing.  These versions won't be posted publicly, and is more of a personal fan-project while I learn to animate my own version of this scene.  Each solid audition will be made into its own version and shared with the voice actress that filled the role, with their name/username displayed.  There are three versions of the script.  The first is just the original script, word for word as seen in the video explainer.  This is a lesser paid position, just reading and voicing the lines in the explainer video.  The second is an extended, but safe-for-work (PG/PG-13) script  It does contain some questionable lines, but no direct swearing or explicit lines.  The third is the NSFW version, which does contain the most lines, and will be a higher paid position due to the sexual nature of some of the lines.  (Auditions for the NSFW version must be 18+)

     I am seeking voices that are peppy, upbeat, and bubbly.  Think of a really energetic valley-girl or airhead.  Can't get that pitch right?  The scream's a bit too flat?  While the project goes on, I will be available to help with directing the tone and pace of the dialogue to help you hit those lines just right.  Though email, and/or Discord, I will give constant feedback and direction if needed.  You would be able to contact me here, at [redacted] or my Discord Server upon a solid audition.


    • Contact information (Discord is highly preferred)
    • Decent audio quality.  While I do plan on editing the audio together, there is only so much I can do to clean it
    • The ability to emote.  This project needs to be upbeat, and energetic.  There will be lots of laughter and even some screaming

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold